“White Girl Bleed A Lot” & “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry”


Karen got me these books for my birthday and I just read them one after the other recently. They are both just page after page after page of negro mob violence. I know we often joke about how the negro has no honor since he is only courageous when he attacks in large packs and these two books represent nearly 1,000 pages of these pre-human savages doing just that, committing vandalism, robbery, assault and even murder in large gaggles. He documents these spontaneous attacks happening all over the country. He even has a chapter dedicated to London. This sort of thing happens all the time too, not just holidays or when the weather is hot.

This is actually great fun for these sadistic creatures. They, of course, don’t have an ounce of empathy for their victims, who are nearly always White. White or Asian mostly. They attack children, old people, young couples, families, even pregnant women and disabled people. They just enjoy attacking and hurting people. The most common injuries they inflict are fractured skulls and broken jaws, that is, assuming they have no guns or knives. They’ll usually initiate the attack by slamming the victim in the face a few times and it seems the goal is to get their victim on the ground where they can kick and stomp them on the head. As you can well imagine most who are unfortunate enough to be thus singled out end up dead or with extreme brain damage. These savages have ended and ruined many lives over the years with their selfishly cruel violence.

Even though they attack in crowds they prefer going after the weak and defenseless. Their favorite targets are male homosexuals. Not that I have a particular problem with this (maybe some of them will learn to be a little less flamboyant), but it just goes to show what spineless sadists these monkeys are. Many people are seriously injured, sexually assaulted, or even murdered. If they are robbed it will be done as an afterthought, so robbery wasn’t the original or main motive. Plainly put, these are hate crimes being perpetrated against Whites, and they are very routine these days, however, the powers that be who will always look into filing hate crime charges against Whites whenever they have an altercation with a coon, will very rarely pursue this course when dealing with negroes despite they fact they nearly always shout racial slurs whenever they attack a Caucasian victim.

It should surprise no one that young negroes these days are so agitated and violent. Look what the media is constantly feeding them, a steady diet of inflammatory anti-white propaganda. And all that rap sh*t they listen to all the time is nothing but ebonic poems about robbery, violence, rape and murder. They live their pitiful excuses for lives submerged in this sick bullsh*t. And remember, they have the intelligence of a 12 year old and the emotional maturity of an 8 year old so of course they are constantly acting out. Also keep in mind that using narcotics and staying as high as possible all the time is number one on the negro agenda, so naturally this also lowers inhibition. This is all a surefire recipe for disaster. Everything they hear in their classes at school, in their ‘music’, television and movies is distorted by the semites and slanted in the most destructive way possible and in the primitive negro mind it all echoes “KILL WHITEY”!

Of course negro crime is essentially an inexhaustible topic for writing about, but, of course, the media doesn’t see it that way. The media prefers to ignore it entirely, and if the incident is so audacious and blatant that it is impossible to ignore they refuse to specify the race of the perps. And all these reporters are big time liberal f*ggots and they get real nasty when you confront them with these oversights. We are all very familiar with their arsenal of tactics, their favorite is to call us racists or haters just for noticing what is glaringly obvious, There is a holocaust of black on White crime sweeping over the entire globe wherever blacks and Whites occupy the same geographic area. Interesting how the media seems to be more concerned about hurting negro feelings than saving White lives. Because of their practice of covering for negro criminality many stupid liberals think it’s a good investment to buy an old, run down house in some black ghetto and fix it up and live in it. Many of these misguided liberals pay with their lives or their wive’s and daughter’s virtue for their error in judgement.  Of course the book blames all this stupidity on the current trend of political correctness, but of course we know the whole deal. We know who started “political correctness” and what it’s ultimate goal is.

In a way the author isn’t much better than the reporters he ridicules for wearing rose tinted glasses at all times because even though he has dug up thousands of stories about the outrageous criminal behavior of today’s young negroes he refers to separatists and nationalists like us as “stupid”.

I suppose he would have to distance himself from people like us just to get his book published, but seriously, since it’s is so obvious that negroes have declared open warfare on the White race it should be obvious it is in no one’s best interest that we continue living together. Many of our people are getting either severely traumatized or killed while the scumbag criminals are getting their stinky black asses constantly sent to jail. I honestly wish the death penalty was used more often and it was speedier.

One of the reasons that negroes like attacking Whites is because, aside from calling the police, we don’t retaliate. If a negro attacks or kills another negro the friends and family of the negro will come looking for the assailant and deal out their own brand of justice. Actually, we used to do just that and it kept black on White crime down pretty low. It was called lynching.  Of course we’ve been much too evolved by our semitic gurus to do much of anything in the name of self protection or preservation in these enlightened days so, of course, that’s out.

You may well ask why I have bothered reading through both of these books, since I am already aware of this problem and of how the tribe which has a monopoly over our media weaponizes their control by keeping these facts secret from the public. What new information did I feel I was learning which justified my reading these books? Well, what I learned was very interesting indeed. We are all aware of the official DOJ and FBI negro crime statistics. We also know that as lopsided as those stats are (negroes commit an alarming amount of crime, much, much more than even poor Whites do), the reality of it is even worse than what is recorded because when Hispanics, Arabs and other mongrels commit crime it is credited as “White” crime, however when these same individuals are victims of crime they are much more precise in how they classify their ethnicity. That’s just one dirty little trick they pull to try to close the gap in the disparity between the black and White crime numbers. Even then this gap is very noticeable.

An additional fact I have learned concerning the amount of violent crime negroes commit is that it is actually much, much higher than even the official statistics indicate. We must also consider the fact that much of it goes unreported. For instance the sound of gunshots being fired in black areas is only reported to the police 10% of the time. They have devices that record these noises in ghettos so they know this. Also much crime in negro areas never gets reported to the police because most negroes just don’t trust the police. Remember when I said they usually prefer to settle scores themselves? Also we’ve all heard that negroid mantra “snitches get stitches”, so many of them are afraid to drop a dime on a fellow mud for that reason. Also negroes will usually try to intimidate witnesses from testifying. Sometimes they even kill the witnesses. It’s very hard sometimes to convict someone without creditable eyewitness testimony.

There is also the phenomenon of what is called a “Bronx jury”, where a jury composed of blacks simply won’t convict another black no matter how damning the evidence is. So, since there are so few solved crimes or convicted criminals, these instances can’t be figured into the statistics since nobody can be sure of exactly what happened. At least not officially anyway.

Also since a lot of these homicidal niggers are attacking people in large groups and so many of them look alike, these crimes also are very hard to solve.  At least they would be if not for the low intelligence of these spades and how they enjoy videotaping their crime sprees. And, if it wasn’t bad enough they have a compulsion to record their crimes they often go a step further and post them on the internet.

You must admit it’s ironic in a particularly twisted way when the criminal a*sholes who are committing the violent and illegal offenses are proudly displaying the evidence in public for all to see yet our media, which is supposed to be helping us, instead hides these atrocities from us. They argue that these facts “make the black community look bad”. I would say that the truth about the black community being so murderous is very important news the rest of us have a right to know if only because it could help us make decisions that can save our lives and those of our loved ones.

As bad as our media is, a lot of times the police themselves ignore most of this violent crime. They won’t come to calls to investigate, they won’t take reports and they won’t make any arrests. They do this because if there is no evidence of the crimes having ocurred, then, officially, they never happened at all. Inflated crime stats make the area look bad. It brings down property values, people are unlikely to bring their business to that community, companies wont move in and create jobs, etc. You see a lot of this at tourist destinations because savage, black crime has a tendency to scare away visitors. So you see, there are a few different conspiracies working together to cover up how horrific nigger crime really is. Of course these savages know this so it has been getting progressively worse over the years. Male spades between the ages of around 14 to 35 are only a mere 3% of the population and look at all the damage and misery that as*hole 3% is responsible for!

Of course it would be much easier to excise this diseased, black cancer from our midst than just keep going on like this, but you know the YKW would never allow is to be free of  this curse. After all it was they who saddled us with it in the first place. We know they know how vile negroes are because they won’t allow them in israel. As for their own black jews they ostracize them and even sterilize them whenever given the opportunity.

As far as I am concerned these protohumans are, when compared with any other group of people, nothing more than a garbage race of sh*t. If they are allowed to continue existing it will have to be somewhere far away from all truly human races, especially the European race. They have shown themselves to sadistically prey on more advanced hominids and are nothing more than greedy parasites. Just look at the island of Haiti. It was once the jewel of the Caribbean until they took it over. Now it is a miserable desert where a dead whale washing up on the beach is a national holiday.

So, you can see that as criminally active as the official stats prove the black community to be, they are actually much more active than that even. There is no doubt about it, we need to part company with the negro. If he will not leave then we will have to ourselves leave. Maybe this time we will have learned our lesson and will not make the same mistakes yet again. We are self sufficient so we needn’t care what lies the jews will inevitably spread about us as we live apart from the rest of humanity. Wherever we go we must never make the same mistake South Africa did and take any of that semitic slander to heart and allowing it to influence our decisions.

My only real complaint with the books is there were no pictures. Instead they had a lot of coded squares you are supposed to scan with a cell phone in order to watch videos about the various stories. Since I already have enough problems with people spying on me I’m in no hurry to get another device that can be used to track and eavesdrop on me so no videos for me I guess. They say if you go to the Radio Station’s website (he has a radio show) you can see all the videos there. I visited the site and finding the relevant videos required a bit more research to locate than I felt like expending, so I didn’t bother. Oh, one other thing that bothered me. The book wasn’t very well edited, the exact same stories, paragraph for paragraph, were duplicated, once as many as three times verbatim throughout the first book (the story about negroes targeting gay men). I honestly got the impression the first book especially was rushed into publication because of the lack of attention to details like that.

Of course I could write for days about this most degenerate of races, the negro, but I think we already understand each other on that.

Anyway, good thing negroes don’t like reading otherwise this guy Colin Flaherty could never afford all the body guards he would need.