The real deal about the “jewish high five”. What the jews don’t want you to know…

Here’s a link with all the facts you need to know about the real “jew high five” deal:

I really, really want to make this post. I have all the right meta tags so I hope it shows up in searches.

Whats really going on here is they are saturating the internet with “high five jew” search results to this retarded video in an attempt to take keyword focus away from the five jews caught on 9/11 high fiving as the twin towers collapsed. Later they all failed their FBI polygraph lie tests before being allowed to flee back to Israel.

As if this wasn’t typically deceptive enough, under the video I was challenged by a particularly belligerent jew to air my grievances against them. Here’s how he put it to me:

Right, because your post wasn’t thinly veiled sarcasm at its finest at all. “Unprovoked”?  Whatever, dude.  You made a bunch of baseless accusations.  About the only thing you got right was that Marx was a Jew, even if that was more an ethnic descent than any kind of religious conviction.  I’m not a communist, even a little.  So I’d like to suggest you can shove your “cultural Marxism” BS, whatever the hell that even is, someplace dark and uncomfortable.

If “white people” were so amazing, then why did you have like 1200 years of dark ages where “your people” were living in filth and squalor, still hanging on to outdated assertions that the world was flat and the sun revolved around the Earth?  And the Church had Galileo and Copernicus excommunicated for the “heresy” of proposing otherwise?  Yeah, real inquisitive there, boss.  How’d that bubonic plague work out for you?  All that living in filth and, you know, refusing to bathe or wash your hands and all that sure did make things uncomfortable.  Your “inquisitive, altruistic” people were living in caves and sacrificing each other on rocks in stone circles while we were busy building great cities and temples and hanging out with the greatest civilizations of the time.

1) 3rd world immigration:  What?  This is nonsense.  Fail.
2) Usury:  Also BS.  Fail again.  Also, Jews were forced into providing loans, because they were banned from any other trade by–guess–white people.  Then when those loans came due, the “wrecked nations” kicked the Jews out and told the debtors that they could repay the crown instead.  So, this was a blatant cash grab by European kingdoms.
3) Communism:  Any group which is atheist and denies God is not Jewish.  Also, made hugely popular by Russians who were very definitely not Jewish.  Fail.
4) Slave Trade:  This was run by white people, mostly the British.  Hm.  Fail.

Got any more?  Are you going by the skinhead playbook or do you have something original you want to try out?

Anyway, I responded to him, but they quickly deleted it. I had friends repost it, and it was deleted again. Here’s what they don’t want you to see:

You must have lots of spare time on your hands. Damn, you writing a book? LOL!!
As expected what you wrote is just a lot of froth and bubble I didn’t bother to read. I’ll assume it’s full of lies as considering who I’m talking to it’s the safest bet.. I bet you actually expect everyone to believe Leo Frank was innocent too! LOL!!!
For now let me educate you on communism:
Since you are not very bright heres a VIDEO to teach you about who opened the floodgates to the US:
And, even though it doesn’t seem you read much, here is one of the easier books to read about YKW and slavery:
Also jews are more than just a religion, Non-religious jews immigrate to israel all the time and they let them in based on the results of their DNA test.,
Anyway, nice try kiddo.
I know you won’t bother looking at any of the links I have provided but I left them for any lurkers who may be sitting on the fence.
Keep coming at me, I have plenty more links.

Like I said, I’ve posted it and reposted it but they won’t allow it to go up.

Remember, they don’t call them “the children of Satan” for nothing. After all, he is the father of all lies!