Jews and the destruction of the West



Read Culture of Critique.

All of these subversive developments in western society (international banking, multiculturalism, mass immigration) have been largely invented and spearheaded by jews. Communist revolutions not so much workers’ rebellions as they were jewish revolutions, as virtually between 50 – 90% of the leadership of every communist movement was headed by jews (Lenin, trotsky, luxemberg, etc). This is especially astonishing when you consider that jews were ever only about 2% of the population in the countries these revolutions took place in.

Jews have always employed the strategy of placing gentiles in prominent, visible positions of power to attract other gentiles to their cause because jews are too tiny of a social group to effect real change on their own. They have to function as parasites and fool gentiles into thinking they’re on the same side.

Don’t let yourself be distracted by the true enemy who is subverting our society. It’s not some ambiguous “elites” or “globalists”, or my favorite, the “Illuminati”. It’s greedy jews, and they’re not necessarily working in unison, but they despise homogeneous white societies because they fear discrimination and as a result constantly work to undermine traditional values.

Redpills of Zion


Redpills of Zion 2014

And this is just something recently put together. It’s a complete clusterfuck of links, but there really wasn’t much time or autism to clean things up and sort them out.

“Antisemitism” is NOT a pathology. It is based firmly in truth!:


01) American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC)


AIPAC: The Most Powerful Lobby in America

AIPAC: This is What Treason Looks Like

AIPAC to Go All-Out on Syria

American Israel Public Affairs Committee

Barbara Boxer, AIPAC Seek to Codify Israel’s Right to Discriminate Against Americans

David Steiner (AIPAC)

The Day AIPAC Went on the Record About How it Operates

Ex Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney Speaks Out About AIPAC

Feds Probe a Top Democrat’s Relationship with AIPAC,8599,1549069,00.html

Jane Harman Denies CQ Report She was Heard on NSA Wiretap Lobbying for AIPAC Officials

New York Times Cuts References to AIPAC in Syria Debate

Obama and Israel (and AIPAC), Together at Last

Rep Engel: AIPAC is Most Effective Lobby on Capitol Hill, Bar None

Top Recipients of AIPAC Campaign Contributions

The U.S.-Israel Special Relationship Timeline That AIPAC Doesn’t Want You to See

02) Exploitation of the Holocaust

As Many as 90% of Those Claiming to Be Holocaust Survivors May Be Frauds

Australian Man’s Holocaust Story Labelled a ‘Lie’

Brighton Beach Holocaust Fund Scammer Jailed for Nearly Two Years

CBS’s Ben Stein Warns of Second Holocaust

Court Rules Fake Holocaust Survivor Must Return $22.5 Million from Book ‘Misha’ About Fabricated Tale

Defamation: ADL Bullying Ukraine into Downplaying the Holodomor as Serious as the Holocaust

Foxman Addressing Holodomor in the Ukraine: Goyim Must Remain Silent

France to Pay $60 Million to Jewish Holocaust Deportees

Fraudster Gets Eight Years in $57 Million Holocaust Scheme

Germany to Provide Funds to Nazis’ Child Victims

Har Nof Attack Scene ‘Looked Like the Holocaust’

Holocaust Trauma Affects Grandchildren of Survivors

In First, Poland to Pay Pensions to Shoah Survivors Abroad

Is a Second Holocaust Possible?

Money Running Out for Needy Holocaust Survivors

The Second Holocaust

‘We Are Looking at the Beginnings of a Holocaust’

03) Holocaust Revisionism Articles

Air Photo Evidence

Alois Brunner and the “I Would Do it All Again” Statement was a Lie, Says Researcher

The Anne Frank Diary Fraud

Anne Frank’s Diary – Some Honest Questions

Argument Boils About Numbers of Auschwitz Dead

Auschwitz for Dummies

Documentary Photographs Proving the National Socialist Persecution of the Jews?

The Einsatzgruppen and the Holocaust

Examining the Einsatzgruppen Reports

Forty-Six Important Unanswered Questions Regarding the Nazi Gas Chambers

The Gas Chambers: Truth or Lie?

The Germans “Bred Geese in Order to Drown Out the Shouts and Torments of 250,000 Jews Murdered Inside the Gas Chambers”

The Holocaust

The Holocaust and Genocide

Holocaust or Holohoax? Twenty Amazing Facts

Holocaust Propaganda Photographs

Holocaust Revisionism Frequently Asked Questions

Holocaust Revisionism in One Easy Lesson


How Britain Tortured Nazi PoW’s

How the British Obtained the Confessions of Rudolf Höss

The Illustrated Auschwitz Lie

Picture 022

Jewish Soap

A Prominent False Witness: Elie Wiesel

Made in Russia: The Holocaust

The Missing Hitler Order

Moshe Peer’s Astounding Holy Shoah Tale

The Most Famous Holocaust Photo a Fraud

Nazis Punishing Nazis for Mistreating Jews

Nuremberg Show Trials

The Nuremberg Trials and the Holocaust

Nuremberg Trial Proceedings Volume 1

Article 19

>The Tribunal shall not be bound by technical rules of evidence. It shall adopt and apply to the greatest possible extent expeditious and nontechnical procedure, and shall admit any evidence which it deems to be of probative value.

Nuremberg Trial Proceedings Volume 1

Article 21

>The Tribunal shall not require proof of facts of common knowledge but shall take judicial notice thereof. It shall also take judicial notice of official governmental documents and reports of the United Nations, including the acts and documents of the committees set up in the various allied countries for the investigation of war crimes, and of records and findings of military or other Tribunals of any of the United Nations.

The Origin of the ‘6 Million Jews’ Figure!/2012/07/origin-of-6-million-jews-figure.html

Photo Manipulations in the USSR

Six Million Jews

The “Six Million” Myth

Soap Story

Soviet Photo Manipulation of World War II

Test Your Holocaust Knowledge

That Hitler Order

Too Bad They Didn’t Have PhotoShop Back Then

The Zündel Trials (1985 and 1988)

Zyklon-B and the German Delousing Chambers

04) Holocaust Revisionism Books

Auschwitz: Crematorium I and the Alleged Homicidal Gassings – Carlo Mattogno

Auschwitz: The First Gassing, Rumor and Reality – Carlo Mattogno

Auschwitz Lies: Legends, Lies, and Prejudices on the Holocaust – Germar Rudolf, Carlo Mattogno

Auschwitz: Open Air Incinerations – Carlo Mattogno

Best Witness: The Mel Mermelstein Affair and the Triumph of Historical Revisionism – Michael Collins Piper

Belzec: in Propaganda, Testimonies, Archeological Research, and History – Carlo Mattogno

The Bunkers of Auschwitz: Black Propaganda versus History – Carlo Mattogno

The Central Construction Office of the Waffen-SS and Police Auschwitz: Organization, Responsibilities, Activities – Carlo Mattogno

Concentration Camp Majdanek: A Historical and Technical Study – Jürgen Graf, Carlo Mattogno

‘Did Six Million Really Die?’ – Barbara Kulaszka

Dissecting the Holocaust: The Growing Critique of ‘Truth’ and ‘Memory’, (2nd Revised Edition) – Germar Rudolf

Exactitude: Festschrift for Robert Faurisson to his 75th Birthday – R.H. Countess, Ch. Lindtner, G. Rudolf

Fight or Flight: The Personal Face of Revisionism – Dr. Fredrick Töben

The First Holocaust: Jewish Fund Raising Campaigns with Holocaust Claims During and After World War One – Don Heddesheimer

The Giant with Feet of Clay: Raul Hilberg and His Standard Work on the ‘Holocaust’ – Jürgen Graf

The Holocaust Industry – Norman G. Finkelstein

Holocaust Revisionism and its Political Consequences – Jürgen Graf

Jewish Emigration from the Third Reich – Ingrid Weckert

Lectures on the Holocaust: Controversial Issues Cross Examined – Germar Rudolf

The Hoax of the Twentieth Century (Third, Revised and Expanded Edition) – Arthur R. Butz

The Leuchter Reports: Critical Edition – Fred A. Leuchter, Robert Faurisson, Germar Rudolf

The Myth of the Six Million – David Hoggan

Not Guilty at Nuremberg – Carlos W. Porter

Nuremberg: The Last Battle – David Irving

The Real Eichmann Trial or The Incorrigible Victors – Paul Rassinier

The Revisionist – Journal for Critical Historical Inquiry


The Rudolf Report: Expert Report on Chemical and Technical Aspects of the “Gas Chambers” of Auschwitz – Germar Rudolf

Special Treatment in Auschwitz: Origin and Meaning of a Term – Carlo Mattogno

Special Treatment in Auschwitz: Origin and Meaning of a Term – Germar Rudolf

Treblinka: Extermination Camp or Transit Camp? – Carlo Mattogno, Jürgen Graf

05) Holocaust Revisionism Documentaries and Videos

A Holocaust Survivor Who Can’t Remember: Zygmunt Gross

Auschwitz – The Surprising Hidden Truth

Auschwitz – Why the Gas Chambers are a Myth

Buchenwald a Dumb Dumb Portrayal of Evil

Confessions of a Jewish Holocaust Revisionist

David Cole Presents Dr. Michael Shermer: The Unauthorized Audio

David Cole’s Museum of Tolerance Caper!

David Irving The Holocaust Truth, The Whole Truth ~ And Nothing but the Truth

David Stein on the Holocaust

Ernst Zundel – Holocaust Debunked

Gassed By the Nazi’s Three Times

Gassed You Say? – Never Happened

The Holocaust Big Lie

Holocaust Faker Explains Himself

The Holocaust Lie by David Irving

Holocaust Revisionism: The Truth by Thomas Dalton, PhD

The Holocaust Summed Up in Eighteen Seconds

The Holocaust Testimonies You Didn’t Hear

Holocaust Hoax Exposed!

I Was Gassed By the Nazi’s Three times

I Was Sent to the Gas Chamber But it was Full: Irene Weisberg Zisblatt

It Was Real in My Mind

Jew Run Nuremberg Show Trial

The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax

Made in Russia: The Holocaust – Carlos W. Porter

The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth

The Montel Williams Show – David Cole and Mark Weber

Nazi Shrunken Heads

New York Times May 06, 1945

One-Third of the Holocaust

Phony “Museum of Tolerance” Gas Van Footage

Revisionism in Thirty Minutes

Six Million Jews 1915-1938

Six Million Lies

Sylvia Stolz – Lawyer Who Was Jailed for Presenting Evidence in the Zundel Trial

Spielberg’s Hoax – The Last Days of the Big Lie

The Phil Donahue Show – Holocaust Denial

The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax

The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz

The Truth is No Defense

Understanding the Holocaust as a Legend

Zundel vs. Zionist – Truth vs. Lies

07) Israel’s Actions Against the United States of America

Boston Bombing will Boost U.S. Support for Israel, Says Netanyahu Aide

Congressional Staffer Offers Israeli Classified Material

Eighty-Five Year Old Israeli Spy Spared Prison for Sending Israel Secrets

FBI Says Israel a Major Player in Industrial Espionage

Hollywood Producer Arnon Milchan Says He Spied for Israel

‘Hollywood Producer was an Israeli Nuclear Agent’

If Israel Sold Patriot Secrets…

Israel Accused of Selling U.S. Secrets to China

Israel Eavesdropped on John Kerry in Mideast Talks

Israel Gave Secret U.S. Tech to China

Israel Secretly Sells American Nuclear Weapons to China

Israel Sells Arms to China, U.S. Says

‘Israel Stole U.S. Uranium to Build Nukes’

Israel Won’t Stop Spying on the U.S.

Israeli Espionage ‘Hushed Up’ by U.S. Officials

Israeli Spies: ‘Mega Was Not an Agent; Mega Was the Boss’

Israeli Spying on U.S. at ‘Alarming Level’

Lavon Affair

Netanyahu Says 9/11 Terror Attacks Good for Israel

Report: Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology to China

U.S. Furious at Israel Equipment Transfer to China

U.S. Secrets ‘Used to Buy Freedom for Soviet Jews’

Zionist Spies Against America


08) Israel and the National Security Agency

Is the NSA Outsourcing its Domestic Spying to Israel?

Israel and the NSA Scandal

Israeli Involvement in NSA Spying

Israel’s Mossad ‘Working Closely’ with NSA Over Spying

Major NSA Intelligence Facility Established in Jerusalem

New Snowden Document Implies NSA May Be Putting Israel’s Security Ahead of America’s

The NSA: Made in Israel

NSA Never Breaks Up Israeli Espionage

NSA Shares Raw Intelligence Including Americans’ Data with Israel

NSA’s Jewish Spy Masters

Shady Companies with Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA

Snowden Asserts that NSA and Israel Collaborated to Launch Cyber Attacks on Iran’s Uranium Facilities

Snowden Confirms NSA Created Stuxnet with Israeli Aid

Two Secretive Israeli Companies Reportedly Bugged the U.S. Telecommunications Grid for the NSA

U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) ‘Spies on U.S. for Israel’

What Was the Israeli Involvement in Collecting Communications Intel for NSA?

09) Israel and Iran

A Perfect Storm Brews in the Middle East

Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister Admits Ahmadinejad Never Said Israel Should Be ‘Wiped Off the Face of the Map’

Israel Lobbyist Suggests False Flag Attack to Start War with Iran

Israel Teams with Terror Group to Kill Iran’s Nuclear Scientists

10) Israel’s Nuclear Weapons

I.A.E.A. Rejects Arab Nuclear Resolution on Israel

I.A.E.A. Urges Israel to Allow Nuclear Inspection,7340,L-3778884,00.html

Israel Rejects U.N. Call for Nuclear Transparency

Israel’s Samson Option: the Real Nuclear Threat

Israeli Historian – “Most European Capitals are Targets for Our Air Force”

Pam Geller Says, If Iran Attacks, Israel Should Nuke Europe

Samson Option: Israel’s Plan to Prevent Mass Destruction Attacks

What About Israel’s Nuclear Weapons?


11) Israel’s Use of Human Shields

Breaking Silence on Gaza Abuses

B’Tselem: IDF Used Palestinian Girl as Human Shield in Nablus

The Day Israel Used a Boy Aged 13 as a Human Shield

Human Shielding and the Use of Civilians for Military Purposes

IDF Soldier Testimonies to Using Civilians as Human Shields

IDF Soldiers Use Nablus Youths as ‘Human Shield’,7340,L-3387356,00.html

IDF Troops Used 11-Year-Old Boy as Human Shield in Gaza

IDF Using Palestinians as Human Shields

Israel Soldiers’ Punishment for Using Boy as ‘Human Shield’ Inadequate

Israeli Army Asks Supreme Court to Reconsider Ban on Human Shields

Israeli Army Using Palestinian Children as Human Shields

Israeli Soldiers Use Civilians as Human Shields in Beit Hanun

Israeli Soldiers Use Handcuffed Palestinian Teen as Human Shield as They Fire at Protestors

Israeli Troops Use Journalists as Human Shields

Israelis Use Palestinian as Human Shield

Leading Rabbi Encourages IDF Soldiers to Use Palestinian Human Shields

Palestinian Children as Human Shield for Israelis Photos

Two IDF Soldiers Charged with Using 9-Year-Old ‘Human Shield’ in Gaza War

12) Israel’s Use of White Phosphorus

Israel Accused of Indiscriminate White Phosphorus Use in Gaza

Israelis Admit to Using White Phosphorus Shells

Israel Drops White Phosphorus Bombs on Gazans

Israel White Phosphorus Use Evidence of War Crimes

Israel’s Use of White Phosphorus Against Gaza Civilians ‘Clear and Undeniable’

13) Jews are a Race

Abraham’s Children and Their Genes

Are Jews White? (Revised)

Absolute Proof More Modern Jews Not Biblical Israelites

Ashkenazi Jews Are Not White

The Biology of the Jewish Problem

Chosen Genes of the Chosen People

DNA Links Prove Jews Are a Race, Says Genetics Expert

Europe’s Ashkenazi Jews are 50-54% Middle Eastern

Gene Study Hopes to Settle Debate Over Origin of European Jews

Genetics and the Jews

The Genome-Wide Structure of the Jewish People

I’m Not White I’m Jewish

Jews are a Race, Genes Reveal

Jews are Not White, Gene Research and Confession

Jews Should Marry Jews

Origins of North African and Central-East European Jews

Rethinking the Khazar Theory!

Russian-Speakers Who Want to Make Aliya Could Need DNA Test

Studies Show Jews’ Genetic Similarity

The ‘Uniqueness’ of Ashkenazi Jewish Ancestry is Important for Health


14) Jewish Control of the Media

An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood

Do Jews Control the Media? – The LA Times Says Yes!

Do the Jews Own Hollywood and the Media?

Do Jews Run Hollywood?

How Jews Control the American Media

How Jewish is Hollywood?,0,4676183.column

How the Jews Created Hollywood

Jews Boast of Owning Hollywood – But Slam Gentiles Who Say the Same

Jews Do Control the Media

The Jews Who Own the Media

The Jews Who Rule Media

Jewish in Hollywood

Manny Friedman: Jews “Own a Whole Freaking Country”; and Yes, That Includes the Media

Sean Young, on 2012, the Jews, the Media, & Mind Control

Seven Jewish Americans Control Most U.S. Media

Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media

TV Executives Admit in Taped Interviews That Hollywood Pushes a Liberal Agenda

Unless You Are Jewish, You Are Nobody in Hollywood

Who Controls Advertising?

Who Controls Big Media?

Who Controls the Hollywood?

Who Controls Music?

Who Controls the News?

Who Controls Radio?

Who Controls Television?

Who Runs Hollywood? C’mon

Who Runs the Media — The Amazing – Documented Chapter from Jewish Supremacism

15) Jewish Control of the United States Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve Jews Control America

The Federal Reserve – Zionist Jewish Private Bankers

Who Controls the Federal Reserve System?

16) Jewish Control of the United States Government

California Passes Resolution Defining Criticism of Israel as Anti-Semitism

Chicago Jewish Community Awarded DHS Security Grants

DHS $9.7 Million Dollar Payout to ‘Safeguard the Jewish Community’

Fact Sheet: Jews Control America

The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview

Harry Reid: Israel May Need More Aid

Here’s How Much America Really Spends on Israel’s Defense

In Congress, No Room for Nuance on Israel

Israel Owns the Congress

Israeli Billionaire Saban Biggest Donor to U.S. Politicians,7340,L-3355786,00.html

Jewish Faces in the Government

Jewish Groups Grab Huge Share of Grants

Jewish Nonprofits Get Majority of Local FEMA Security Funds

Netanyahu Asks U.S. to Help Israel Avoid War Crime Charges

Senate Approves Enhanced U.S.-Israel Cooperation Bill

Senate Panel Votes for Defense Bill that Doubles Money for Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defense

Snowden Reveals Scale of U.S. Aid to Israel

2016 Republican Hopefuls Hope to Woo Jewish Donors

U.S. to Assist Israel in the Case of Attack on Iran: U.S. Senate

When Victims Rule – A Critique of Jewish Pre-Eminence in America

White House Reportedly Uneasy with Jewish Lobbying in Congress

Who Controls America

Who Rules America

Why is the U.S. Honoring a Racist Rabbi?

Will U.S. Senate Crown Netanyahu Emperor?


17) Jewish Control of the United States Presidency

Biden: ‘Jewish Heritage is American Heritage’

The Bushes and the Jews

Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations

George Bush: “The First Jewish President”

Helen Thomas Tells Playboy: Jews ‘Control’ the White House

Joe Biden Says “I Am a Zionist”

Obama and the Jews

Obama: I’m Jewish ‘In My Soul’

Obama, Romney Court Jewish Vote

Obama’s Israeli Adviser: Next White House Chief of Staff?,7340,L-3616306,00.html

Rabbis Changed Prayers to Make Barack Obama’s Inaugural Service ‘Jew-ier’

Who are the Top Five Donors to the Obama, Romney Campaigns?

Who Controls the White House

Who Runs the Obama White House

18) Jewish Controlled Media’s Promotion of Homosexuality

ABC Hires Gay Activist to Write Eight Hour Miniseries About the History of the Gay Rights Movement

CBS Execs Meet with Transgender Activists to Promote Positive TV Portrayals

CW Developing Drama About Transgender Teenager from Producer Michael London

Grammys to Feature On-Air Weddings of Thirty-Four Couples

The Homosexual Propaganda Campaign in America’s Media

Laverne Cox Cast in CBS Legal Drama

Media Exposure and Viewers’ Attitudes Toward Homosexuality

The Media is Not Biased Toward Homosexual Marriage. It is Promoting it.

The Rampant Promotion of Homosexuality in Movies and Television

The Real Homosexual Agenda is on Your TV and Movie Screens

Study: Watching Porn Boosts Support for Homosexual Marriage

19) Jewish Hatred of the White Race

Abolish the White Race

ADL Official at Extremist Event Falsely States 95% of Terrorism in U.S. from White Supremacists

The End of Men

The Explicit Anti-White Propaganda of Jewish Hollywood

Germany Must Perish!!

The Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview


Jew Nicolas Sarkozy: “Race-Mixing Enriches Society, Consanguinity Destroys It”

The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany

Questions For: Noel Ignatiev

Twenty-Two Goyim Who Must Be Stopped

20) Jewish Implementation of Policy

Abortion as a Jewish Value

Circumcision Ban is the ‘Worst Attack on Jews Since Holocaust’

Internet Anti-Semitism a ‘Mortal Danger,’ Say MKs

The Origins of Brown v. Board of Education

Should Neo-Nazis Be Allowed Free Speech?

U.S. Officials Blow the Whistle on Secret CIA, Mossad Operation in Syria

Who’s Responsible for Obamacare?

21) Jewish Involvement in Slavery

The Jewish Black Slave Traders

Jewish Involvement in Black Slave Trade to the Americas

Jewish Role in African Slave Trade Admitted by Rabbi in New Jewish Book

22) Jewish Manipulation of Public Opinion

California Hotel Warned Anti-Israel Summit May Be Illegal

California Passes Resolution Defining Criticism of Israel as Anti-Semitism

Course: Zionist Editing on Wikipedia

Diary of an Israeli Shill

Esc and Ctrl: The Guardian Investigates Israeli Internet Hasbara

Hasbara Fellowships

Hasbara Spam Alert

Internet Anti-Semitism a Mortal Danger,’ Say MKs

The Internet: Israel’s New PR Battlefield

Israel Backed by Army of Cyber-Soldiers,,251-2289232,00.html

Israel Invests Millions in Drive for Elite ‘Cyber Warriors’

Israel ‘Media Bunker’ Peppers Internet with Propaganda Tweets and Facebook Posts

Israel Recruits “Army of Bloggers” to Combat Anti-Zionist Web Sites

Israel Student Union Sets Up “War Room” to Sell Gaza Massacre on Facebook

Israel to Hire Pro-Government Tweeters and Facebookers

Israel Targets U.S. Lad Mag Market

Israeli Government to Recruit Students as Undercover Agents on Social Media

Israeli Students to Get $2,000 to Spread State Propaganda on Facebook

It Won’t Work Without the Americans,7340,L-4263870,00.html

The Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF)

Joe Biden Attributes Social Liberalism to Jewish Control of Hollywood and ‘Social Media’

Megaphone Desktop Tool

Office of Antiboycott Compliance (OAC)

Prime Minister’s Office Recruiting Students to Wage Online Hasbara Battles

Twitterers Paid to Spread Israeli Propaganda

Ukraine Jew Registration Hoax Traced

Unbelievable! The IDF Has Gamified its War Blog

U.S. Business Owners Can Be Fined and Imprisoned for Supporting Israeli Boycott

Wikipedia Editing Courses Launched by Zionist Groups

YouTube Taps ADL as Partner in Fight Against Hate

23) Jewish Promotion of Communism

America’s Communist Movement Owed a Lot to Jewish Support

Bolshevik Propaganda

>Senator Wolcott. Are they in favor of any particular religion?

>Mr. Huntington. Not the leaders of this movement themselves; no, sir. The leaders of the movement, I should say, are about two-thirds Russian Jews and perhaps one-sixth or more of some of the other nationalities, like the Letts or the Armenians. The assistant in the foreign office was an Armenian. Then there are the Georgians; that is, the so-called Gruzinians of the Caucasus, and the remaining number Slavs. The superiority of the Jews is due to their intellectual superiority, because the average Jew is so much better educated than the average Russian; and also, I think, to the fact that the Hebrew people have suffered so in the past in Russia that it has inevitably resulted in their cherishing a grudge which has been worked out by the movement.

Chinese Communism?

Communism and the Jews

Communism was Jewish – Communism is Jewish

Communism’s Death Toll, and the Jewish Role in Bolshevism

A Jew in Mao’s China

Jews and Marxism – Socialism – Communism

The Jewish Bolshevik Commies

The Jewish Century by Yuri Slezkine

Jewish Pre-Eminence in the Political Left/Communism

The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia’s Early Soviet Regime

Jewish Activists Created Communism

Jews and Bolshevism

Jews and Communism

Jewish Bolsheviks

Jewish Bolshevism

Jewish Faces in Chinese Government

Jews and Communism – The South African Experience

Judaic Communists: The Documentary Record

Karl Marx

>Ancestrally Ashkenazi Jewish, his maternal grandfather was a Dutch rabbi, while his paternal line had supplied Trier’s rabbis since 1723, a role taken by his grandfather Meier Halevi Marx.

Leon Trotsky

>He was the fifth child of eight of well-to-do Jewish farmers, David Leontyevich Bronshtein and his wife Anna Bronshtein. The family was Jewish but reportedly not religious.

List of Communist Jews

Putin: First Soviet Government was Mostly Jewish

Sources on Jews and Communism

Soviets Razed Churches, Spared Synagogues

Stalin’s Jews,7340,L-3342999,00.html

Under the Sign of the Scorpion – Jewish Communists

Vladimir Lenin Was Part Jewish, Say Declassified KGB Files,8599,2077413,00.html

Zionism versus Bolshevism by Winston S. Churchill


24) Jewish Promotion of Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism: The Corruption of America

Erich Fromm, Judaism and the Frankfurt School

Frankfurt School

The Frankfurt School: Conspiracy to Corrupt

Frankfurt School of Social Research

The Frankfurt School & Cultural Marxism

The Frankfurt School of Social Research and the Pathologization of Gentile Group Allegiances

Frankfurt School – Satanic Judaism in Action

Freud, the Frankfurt School and the Kabbalah

The History of Political Correctness

How a Handfull of Marxist Jews Turned Western and U.S. Culture Upside Down

The Jewish Frankfurt School and the End of Western Civilization

The New Dark Age: The Frankfurt School and “Political Correctness”

Who Stole Our Culture?

25) Jewish Promotion of Feminism

Feminism – A Form of Jewish Control

Feminism: A Jewish Adversary Movement Against Gentile Culture

Feminism: A Jewish War on Femininity

Feminism and Judaism

Feminists by Ethnicity

Feminists by Religion

Jewish Feminist Leaders

Jewish Mind Control: Feminism

Jewish Women and the Feminist Revolution

List of Jewish Feminists

The Mother of Feminism

Untold Story of Jewish Feminist Pioneers

Why Are There So Many Jewish Feminists?

26) Jewish Promotion of Gun Control

Bay Area Jewish Moms Take Leading Role in Campaign Against Gun Violence

Bloomberg Gun Safety Group Spends Six Figures On Kroger Ad Blitz

Dianne Feinstein “Mr. & Mrs. America Turn Them All In”

Feinstein to Introduce Assault Weapons Ban Bill

Frank Lautenberg Introducing Legislation to Ban Gun Powder Sales

Gun Control Plotted By Jews

Jewish Groups and Lawmakers Seeking Gun Control Get Major Boost from Obama

Jewish Groups Push for Action on Gun Control

Jewish Groups Urge Senate to Pass Gun Control Legislation

Jewish Gun Control Backers Plan New Push

Jewish Politicians Lead Chorus Calling for Tighter Gun Laws

Jews and Jewish Organizations Lead the Gun Control Campaign

Jews Lead Gun Control Charge

Major Hollywood Producer Vows to Make the NRA ‘Wish They Weren’t Alive’ with Upcoming ‘Big Movie’

Measure to Ban Kids Under Twelve from Gun Shows Introduced

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg Demands a Plan for Gun Control

Professor Has Simple Way to Deal With Open Carry Activists

Rabbi Michael Lerner: Banning Guns is Necessary But Not Sufficient

Rahm Emanuel Calls for Nationwide Assault-Weapons Ban

Schumer Seeks to Extend Ban on 3D Guns

Senator Schumer Wants Your Guns!

U.S. Jews Support Gun Control, but the Political Debate Ignores it

U.S. Gun Control Legislation, 1968-Present

Who is Behind Gun Control?

27) Jewish Promotion of Homosexuality

ADL and the LGBT Community: A Commitment to Equal Rights

American Jews Delighted by U.S. Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling

Barney Frank

Biden: “Jewish Leaders Drove Gay Marriage Changes”

California Governor Signs Homosexual Bill Eliminating Terms ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’

>The legislation had been presented by Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco)

>Mark Leno is the grandson of Jewish Russian immigrants.

Harvey Milk

FAIR Education Act

>Sponsors: Sen. Mark Leno, Assem. Tom Ammiano

>Mark Leno is the grandson of Jewish Russian immigrants.

Gay Marriage’s Jewish Pioneer

Gay Activist Masha Gessen Speech for Viral “Gay Marriage is a Lie” and Calls for End to “Marriage”

Jewish Leaders Behind the Homosexual and Lesbian Movement

Leading Gay Activist Frank Kameny Says: “Bestiality OK as Long as the Animal Doesn’t Mind”

Jews Should Support Gay Marriage

Jewish Group Backs RI Gay Marriage Bill,7340,L-4351192,00.html

Jewish Groups Back Obama on Gay Marriage

Jewish Lesbian Widow Edith Windsor Revels in Win on Gay Marriage

Jewish Scouting Leaders Vocal on Gay Inclusion

Jewish Supremacists, Homosexuality and Divide and Conquer

Judaism & Homosexuality: A Marriage Made in Hell

The Plot to Make America Gay

Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Officiates Same-Sex “Wedding”

Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Agenda

U.S. Jews Among the Most Supportive of Gay Marriage

Why Jews Push Gay Marriage


& last, but certainly not least, jewish ritual murder in history:


Hey, how bout that holocaust? That was sure somethin’, eh?

1429671844640 (Books) (Books) (Forum Search) (PDF Document)

Nuremberg Show Trials

The Nuremberg Trials and the Holocaust

Nuremberg Trial Proceedings Volume 1

Article 19

The Tribunal shall not be bound by technical rules of evidence. It shall adopt and apply to the greatest possible extent expeditious and nontechnical procedure, and shall admit any evidence which it deems to be of probative value.

Nuremberg Trial Proceedings Volume 1

Article 21

The Tribunal shall not require proof of facts of common knowledge but shall take judicial notice thereof. It shall also take judicial notice of official governmental documents and reports of the United Nations, including the acts and documents of the committees set up in the various allied countries for the investigation of war crimes, and of records and findings of military or other Tribunals of any of the United Nations.

Not Guilty at Nuremberg – Carlos W. Porter

Nuremberg: The Last Battle – David Irving

Jew Run Nuremberg Show Trial

How the “Holocaust” was faked

The alleged “Holocaust” of “6 million Jews” at the hands of Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany during WWII is the biggest lie ever foisted upon humanity. The very idea that the Germans organized and executed a complex conspiracy involving “homicidal gas chambers” and other barbaric, sadistic forms of mass murder designed to exterminate European Jewry during WWII is laughable on its face when you stop and objectively think about it.

National Socialist Germany and her allies were fighting a multi-front war against some of the most powerful nations in the world at the time, including the United States, the British Empire, and the Soviet Union. The idea that they would divert their precious and extremely scarce resources and manpower towards implementing a systematic campaign of mass murder specifically designed to annihilate European Jewry is absurd.

There was no German conspiracy to systematically genocide and destroy European Jewry during WWII. There were no “homicidal gas chambers” utilized to murder Jews and other “undesirables”. The system of concentration camps throughout much of Europe developed and administered by the Germans and their allies during WWII was simply a network of labor, transit, industrial and detention facilities – not “death camps”. Jews, political prisoners and Communist subversives (many of whom were in fact Jewish), homosexuals and many others were detained and either put to work or imprisoned in German-administered concentration camps and industrial facilities throughout Europe.

These forced laborers and prisoners were well-cared for, at least until the end of the war when Germany’s supply lines broke down and chaos ensued as a result of the Soviet and Anglo-American invasion of German territory. They were well-fed, well-provided for, and given medical treatment and entertainment. They were allowed to attend concerts, organize plays, make music and play sports. If the Germans were hell bent on murdering these people, why would they provide medical care for them and allow them to entertain themselves?

The entire WWII narrative, especially the fake “Holocaust” story, is basically the exact opposite from what we’ve been told and taught.

The Jewish Bolshevik terrorists who overthrew the Russian monarchy during WWI and their allies – the USA and the UK, primarily – committed the real atrocities and genocides against the German people and their sympathizers during and after WWII. The British and Americans engaged in a systematic fire-bombing campaign specifically targeting German industrial and urban areas for destruction. Major cities all throughout Germany were fire-bombed on a regular basis, resulting in the horrific death for millions of innocent German civilians – men, women and children.

The Allies sunk German civilian ships escaping the rampaging Soviet Red Army towards the end of the war, ending the lives of countless innocent civilians including, ironically enough, many Eastern European Jews fleeing from the advancing Red Army. The barbaric, out-of-control Red Army was encouraged to rape, pillage, torture and murder Germans as they advanced into German territory, and they did. Hundreds of thousands of German POWs and civilians were starved and murdered after the war, often suffering gruesome deaths from exposure, thirst and torture at the hands of the victorious and ruthless Allies. The National Socialist political, cultural and educational establishment was systematically dismantled and destroyed, with many top officials and leaders murdered, tortured, robbed, imprisoned and otherwise mistreated.

Jewish propagandists have entirely reversed the reality of the situation using their control of the media, and have blamed the Germans for starting the war and committing all the alleged atrocities, when in reality the Germans and their allies were the most disciplined, honorable and righteous forces fighting in that fratricidal Jewish-instigated war. The German people and their allies were the ones who experienced a genuine holocaust – a real genocide – during WWII, not the Jewish population of Europe.

The simple fact of the matter is that the “Holocaust” narrative – 6 million Jews persecuted, abused, and systematically exterminated by “those evil Nazis” during WWII – endlessly promoted and perpetuated by the Jewish-owned mass media, Hollywood and “entertainment” complex, and educational and political establishment is 100% bogus in virtually all respects. The Germans simply wanted the Jews out of Germany, clearly and correctly recognizing them as an alien, hostile and treacherous force working to subvert, pollute and destroy the German nation and Western civilization.

Jews were encouraged to leave Germany, and many did. Others were imprisoned or detained in the various labor and concentration camps established and administered by National Socialist Germany, and were well provided for. They were certainly not killed using “homicidal gas chambers” and other sadistic forms of murder in a systematic campaign to eliminate European Jewry.

But how exactly was such a monstrous hoax manufactured and presented to the public as if it actually happened? What follows is a brief overview identifying the primary means in which the alleged Jewish “Holocaust” during WWII was faked and sold to the public as if it were a genuine aspect of our collective history in order to advance certain geopolitical, cultural and economic agendas.

The role of Allied propaganda before, during and after WWII

The fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative is really just an extension of an on-going anti-German propaganda campaign going back to WWI. During WWI, Western (often Jewish) propagandists targeted Germany and her armed forces with ridiculous “atrocity propaganda”, alleging in their newspapers and other media outlets that the Germans were engaging in barbaric, ruthless behavior, including raping and murdering innocent civilians.

Typical anti-German propaganda: the Germans were the most honorable and righteous fighting force during WWI and WWII.
This propaganda would be true if it depicted a Soviet Bolshevik Jew Commissar rather than a German.

The fabricated idea that “millions of Jews” in Europe were being exterminated by the Germans and other “fascists” was regularly promoted by Jewish propagandists and their allies in the West beginning in 1915 during WWI. This slanderous, entirely false accusation had been and continues to be endlessly promoted to the often gullible and susceptible Western public, resulting in extremely negative anti-German sentiment, not to mention the widespread belief that the Germans did in fact commit these outrageous (although quite ridiculous) atrocities. The following video demonstrates this point perfectly:

During and immediately following WWII, deceitful propagandists continued to level this “atrocity propaganda” against the Germans in order to demonize them and prepare the Western world for the institutionalization of the myth of “6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis”. Western and Soviet propagandists, including psychological warfare specialists in the United States Army and individuals connected to Hollywood, were involved in manufacturing “evidence” – including fake, altered or otherwise misrepresented photographs and videos, “human lampshades”, “shrunken heads” and other absurd props – which was used to “demonstrate” to the world that the Germans did in fact commit outrageous atrocities during the war, particularly at the various concentration camps and industrial facilities under their administration. Dave Mansfield of and Mike King of TomatoBubble.comrecently collaborated and produced the following video underscoring the points I am making here:

The propaganda used to sell the idea of a “Jewish Holocaust” is extremely emotionally and psychologically exploitative, resulting in psychological trauma and an inability for the broad masses to objectively evaluate the information they are being presented with. This will be discussed in more detail as we continue.

The role of the Nuremberg show trials

Following Germany’s defeat in WWII, the Allied countries organized a series of military tribunals often referred to simply as the Nuremberg Trials. The trials consisted of the International Military Tribunal and the Nuremberg Military Tribunal. The Nuremberg Trials were a total sham – “show trials” if there ever were any.

The trials were essentially organized to not only demonize, vilify and falsely blame the Germans for initiating the war and committing all of the “atrocities” and “war crimes”, but also to whitewash and cover up the very real crimes committed by the Allies in addition to officially institutionalizing the fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative.

Fabricated evidence and false testimony was introduced by the Allies, and many of the German defendants were physically and psychologically tortured or otherwise coerced into making false confessions during the trials.

The role of fabricated, altered or otherwise misrepresented imagery associated with the “Holocaust” and alleged “Nazi death camps”

Virtually all of the iconic imagery associated with the alleged Jewish “Holocaust” turns out to be either entirely fabricated, altered or extremely misrepresented and taken out of context.

The imagery associated with the “Holocaust” – photographs of piles of dead bodies, emaciated prisoners, Jews being “rounded up”, train cars filled with dead people, etc. – has been used to psychologically traumatize the masses, rendering them vulnerable to manipulation and facilitating the fake narrative of “6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis” to be literally implanted in their minds.

A prime example is this iconic photograph, which a simple Google search for “Buchenwald concentration camp” turned up:

Or this one:

Images like this showing piles of dead, emaciated bodies have been shown to unsuspecting audiences, inducing psychological trauma and fear in their minds, in order to sell the idea that the Germans systematically murdered millions of people (especially Jews) in “death camps”. The fact of the matter is that when the war was ending, the German-administered labor and industrial camps were not supplied and many people did in fact perish in horrible conditions. But that does not prove that the Germans were systematically murdering people in these camps. It simply demonstrates how deceitful, brazen and ruthless the Western and Soviet propagandists were in their efforts to demonize and slander the Germans.

Also, some of the iconic imagery associated with the Jewish “Holocaust” turns out to be photographs of dead German civilians murdered in Allied fire-bombing campaigns, which were presented to the masses as “proof” of German atrocities. Again, the shameless, deceitful behavior of the Western Allies and their Soviet Communist partners knows no bounds.

The iconic “Holocaust” imagery shown repeatedly to mass audiences is never put into context. The images are simply shown, and we are expected to believe that the “Holocaust” was a real event.

The aforementioned Dave Mansfield of produced the following short video highlighting some of the more brazenly fabricated photographs that have been used to demonize the Germans and support the fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative:

The vast majority of people have never objectively investigated the claims being made about the alleged “Holocaust” simply because of the psychological trauma and fear induced by the imagery (and “Holocaust survivor” and other “eye witness testimony”, which is also extremely traumatic and psychologically and emotionally exploitative).

The role of “Holocaust survivors” and other “eye witnesses” of “Nazi atrocities”

In addition to the iconic imagery associated with the fake Jewish “Holocaust”, which as we’ve seen has been either taken out of context or entirely fabricated, the testimony of alleged “Holocaust survivors” and other “eye witnesses” of “Nazi atrocities” has been used to effectively psychologically and emotionally exploit the masses in order to instill in their minds the entirely fabricated and deceitfully manufactured narrative of “6 million Jews murdered at the hands of the National Socialists” during WWII.

The courageous historical revisionist and film producer Eric Hunt has done a masterful job not only debunking the claims about the fake Jewish “Holocaust”, but also demonstrating how entirely ridiculous and absurd the “testimony” alleged “Holocaust survivors” have given truly is.

In virtually all cases, the alleged “Holocaust survivors” are either entirely fabricatingor outrageously embellishing their experience during WWII or they are providing testimony that actually discredits and disproves certain aspects of the official “Holocaust” narrative (particularly as it relates to the alleged “extermination camps” in the East often referred to as the “Aktion Reinhard death camps” or “death factories”). I recently interviewed Eric Hunt on The Realist Report, which you can download here. Be sure to take the time and watch The Last Days of the Big Lieand The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax, both of which were produced by Eric.

The role of Jewish Hollywood and the organized international Jewish community

Since WWII, an entire industry relating to the fake “Holocaust” has arisen in the West. Disgusted by the outrageously brazen corruption emanating from the deceitful, exploitative leaders and representatives of “Holocaust survivors”, Jewish academic Norman Finkelstein wrote a book discussing and exposing what he calls The Holocaust Industry. Organized Jewish interests and their lobbies have successfully created an extremely lucrative financial and sympathy racket based on their false, entirely fabricated narrative of “6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis” during WWII.

“At the end of the twentieth century, the ‘Holocaust’ is being bought and sold,” wrote Tim Cole, a Professor of History specializing in the “Holocaust” at Bristol University, in his book Selling the Holocaust: From Auschwitz to Schindler, How History is Bought, Packaged and Sold. “In short, ‘Shoah [Hebrew word for Holocaust] business’ is big business.” (See here and herefor more.)

The “Holocaust” is indeed an industry at this point – a commodity endlessly pushed and promoted by academia, politicians, government officials, international political organizations such as the UN, media moguls, Hollywood producers, organized Jewish groups, the Jewish state of “Israel” and others connected to the “Holocaust” racket.

Hollywood and the “entertainment” complex in the West – which is virtually entirely owned and dominated by Jews with deep ties to the Jewish state of “Israel” and the “Holocaust” industry – have produced countless propaganda films masquerading as objective depictions of experiences of European Jews during WWII. These films and documentaries have served to perpetuate, reinforce and even expand upon the false, entirely fabricated narrative of “6 million Jews systematically genocided by the Nazis” which has been manufactured and sold to the public during and after WWII.

There are countless “Holocaust” museums and memorials all across the globe, many of which receive official state funding and endorsement, including the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. Not a day goes by without a mention of the fake “Holocaust” story in the mass media, entertainment complex, or political establishment. This false narrative is constantly being reinforced and perpetuated to the public on a daily basis, often in the most crass, deceptive, and emotionally exploitative ways imaginable.

The fake “Holocaust” narrative has advanced a number of important geopolitical, cultural and economic agendas primarily benefitting international Jewry and the illegitimate Jewish state of “Israel”, including:

  1. Elevating the alleged “suffering and persecution” of the Jewish people during WWII specifically, and all throughout history generally, over all others;
  2. Covering up the crimes committed by Jewish terrorists, Communists and propagandists prior to, during and after WWII by projecting those crimes (and even fabricating new ones) on to the German armed forces and their allies;
  3. Creating an extremely lucrative financial and sympathy racket, netting the Jewish state of “Israel” and the organized international Jewish community billions of dollars annually;
  4. Serving as a basis for the creation of the Jewish state of “Israel”, while excusing and justifying the genocidal, illegal policies she has pursued since her founding;
  5. and demonizing the one man – Adolf Hitler – and his political movement who stood up for their country and race against the Talmudic forces of internationalism and globalism seeking the subjugation and ultimate destruction of the White race and all genuine nationalities, ethnicities and cultures.

That is how the “Holocaust” was faked, and what agenda this fabricated, insidious and deceitfully manufactured narrative has and continues to advance on a daily basis.Writing in Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler described the Jews as having an “unqualified capacity for falsehood,” and would go on to explain the concept of the Big Lie technique of psychological warfare and propaganda, which organized Jewry has used masterfully throughout history and to this very day, especially concerning the alleged “Holocaust” narrative, in order to falsify history and psychologically exploit mass audiences:

[…] in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their mindsthey more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying. These people know only too well how to use falsehood for the basest purposes.

Keep these profound insights in mind the next time you are exposed to the endless barrage of “Holocaust” propaganda emanating from Jewish Hollywood, the mass media and the educational and political establishment in America and around the world.

A crash course on the alleged “holocaust”:

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