“White Girl Bleed A Lot” & “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry”


Karen got me these books for my birthday and I just read them one after the other recently. They are both just page after page after page of negro mob violence. I know we often joke about how the negro has no honor since he is only courageous when he attacks in large packs and these two books represent nearly 1,000 pages of these pre-human savages doing just that, committing vandalism, robbery, assault and even murder in large gaggles. He documents these spontaneous attacks happening all over the country. He even has a chapter dedicated to London. This sort of thing happens all the time too, not just holidays or when the weather is hot.

This is actually great fun for these sadistic creatures. They, of course, don’t have an ounce of empathy for their victims, who are nearly always White. White or Asian mostly. They attack children, old people, young couples, families, even pregnant women and disabled people. They just enjoy attacking and hurting people. The most common injuries they inflict are fractured skulls and broken jaws, that is, assuming they have no guns or knives. They’ll usually initiate the attack by slamming the victim in the face a few times and it seems the goal is to get their victim on the ground where they can kick and stomp them on the head. As you can well imagine most who are unfortunate enough to be thus singled out end up dead or with extreme brain damage. These savages have ended and ruined many lives over the years with their selfishly cruel violence.

Even though they attack in crowds they prefer going after the weak and defenseless. Their favorite targets are male homosexuals. Not that I have a particular problem with this (maybe some of them will learn to be a little less flamboyant), but it just goes to show what spineless sadists these monkeys are. Many people are seriously injured, sexually assaulted, or even murdered. If they are robbed it will be done as an afterthought, so robbery wasn’t the original or main motive. Plainly put, these are hate crimes being perpetrated against Whites, and they are very routine these days, however, the powers that be who will always look into filing hate crime charges against Whites whenever they have an altercation with a coon, will very rarely pursue this course when dealing with negroes despite they fact they nearly always shout racial slurs whenever they attack a Caucasian victim.

It should surprise no one that young negroes these days are so agitated and violent. Look what the media is constantly feeding them, a steady diet of inflammatory anti-white propaganda. And all that rap sh*t they listen to all the time is nothing but ebonic poems about robbery, violence, rape and murder. They live their pitiful excuses for lives submerged in this sick bullsh*t. And remember, they have the intelligence of a 12 year old and the emotional maturity of an 8 year old so of course they are constantly acting out. Also keep in mind that using narcotics and staying as high as possible all the time is number one on the negro agenda, so naturally this also lowers inhibition. This is all a surefire recipe for disaster. Everything they hear in their classes at school, in their ‘music’, television and movies is distorted by the semites and slanted in the most destructive way possible and in the primitive negro mind it all echoes “KILL WHITEY”!

Of course negro crime is essentially an inexhaustible topic for writing about, but, of course, the media doesn’t see it that way. The media prefers to ignore it entirely, and if the incident is so audacious and blatant that it is impossible to ignore they refuse to specify the race of the perps. And all these reporters are big time liberal f*ggots and they get real nasty when you confront them with these oversights. We are all very familiar with their arsenal of tactics, their favorite is to call us racists or haters just for noticing what is glaringly obvious, There is a holocaust of black on White crime sweeping over the entire globe wherever blacks and Whites occupy the same geographic area. Interesting how the media seems to be more concerned about hurting negro feelings than saving White lives. Because of their practice of covering for negro criminality many stupid liberals think it’s a good investment to buy an old, run down house in some black ghetto and fix it up and live in it. Many of these misguided liberals pay with their lives or their wive’s and daughter’s virtue for their error in judgement.  Of course the book blames all this stupidity on the current trend of political correctness, but of course we know the whole deal. We know who started “political correctness” and what it’s ultimate goal is.

In a way the author isn’t much better than the reporters he ridicules for wearing rose tinted glasses at all times because even though he has dug up thousands of stories about the outrageous criminal behavior of today’s young negroes he refers to separatists and nationalists like us as “stupid”.

I suppose he would have to distance himself from people like us just to get his book published, but seriously, since it’s is so obvious that negroes have declared open warfare on the White race it should be obvious it is in no one’s best interest that we continue living together. Many of our people are getting either severely traumatized or killed while the scumbag criminals are getting their stinky black asses constantly sent to jail. I honestly wish the death penalty was used more often and it was speedier.

One of the reasons that negroes like attacking Whites is because, aside from calling the police, we don’t retaliate. If a negro attacks or kills another negro the friends and family of the negro will come looking for the assailant and deal out their own brand of justice. Actually, we used to do just that and it kept black on White crime down pretty low. It was called lynching.  Of course we’ve been much too evolved by our semitic gurus to do much of anything in the name of self protection or preservation in these enlightened days so, of course, that’s out.

You may well ask why I have bothered reading through both of these books, since I am already aware of this problem and of how the tribe which has a monopoly over our media weaponizes their control by keeping these facts secret from the public. What new information did I feel I was learning which justified my reading these books? Well, what I learned was very interesting indeed. We are all aware of the official DOJ and FBI negro crime statistics. We also know that as lopsided as those stats are (negroes commit an alarming amount of crime, much, much more than even poor Whites do), the reality of it is even worse than what is recorded because when Hispanics, Arabs and other mongrels commit crime it is credited as “White” crime, however when these same individuals are victims of crime they are much more precise in how they classify their ethnicity. That’s just one dirty little trick they pull to try to close the gap in the disparity between the black and White crime numbers. Even then this gap is very noticeable.

An additional fact I have learned concerning the amount of violent crime negroes commit is that it is actually much, much higher than even the official statistics indicate. We must also consider the fact that much of it goes unreported. For instance the sound of gunshots being fired in black areas is only reported to the police 10% of the time. They have devices that record these noises in ghettos so they know this. Also much crime in negro areas never gets reported to the police because most negroes just don’t trust the police. Remember when I said they usually prefer to settle scores themselves? Also we’ve all heard that negroid mantra “snitches get stitches”, so many of them are afraid to drop a dime on a fellow mud for that reason. Also negroes will usually try to intimidate witnesses from testifying. Sometimes they even kill the witnesses. It’s very hard sometimes to convict someone without creditable eyewitness testimony.

There is also the phenomenon of what is called a “Bronx jury”, where a jury composed of blacks simply won’t convict another black no matter how damning the evidence is. So, since there are so few solved crimes or convicted criminals, these instances can’t be figured into the statistics since nobody can be sure of exactly what happened. At least not officially anyway.

Also since a lot of these homicidal niggers are attacking people in large groups and so many of them look alike, these crimes also are very hard to solve.  At least they would be if not for the low intelligence of these spades and how they enjoy videotaping their crime sprees. And, if it wasn’t bad enough they have a compulsion to record their crimes they often go a step further and post them on the internet.

You must admit it’s ironic in a particularly twisted way when the criminal a*sholes who are committing the violent and illegal offenses are proudly displaying the evidence in public for all to see yet our media, which is supposed to be helping us, instead hides these atrocities from us. They argue that these facts “make the black community look bad”. I would say that the truth about the black community being so murderous is very important news the rest of us have a right to know if only because it could help us make decisions that can save our lives and those of our loved ones.

As bad as our media is, a lot of times the police themselves ignore most of this violent crime. They won’t come to calls to investigate, they won’t take reports and they won’t make any arrests. They do this because if there is no evidence of the crimes having ocurred, then, officially, they never happened at all. Inflated crime stats make the area look bad. It brings down property values, people are unlikely to bring their business to that community, companies wont move in and create jobs, etc. You see a lot of this at tourist destinations because savage, black crime has a tendency to scare away visitors. So you see, there are a few different conspiracies working together to cover up how horrific nigger crime really is. Of course these savages know this so it has been getting progressively worse over the years. Male spades between the ages of around 14 to 35 are only a mere 3% of the population and look at all the damage and misery that as*hole 3% is responsible for!

Of course it would be much easier to excise this diseased, black cancer from our midst than just keep going on like this, but you know the YKW would never allow is to be free of  this curse. After all it was they who saddled us with it in the first place. We know they know how vile negroes are because they won’t allow them in israel. As for their own black jews they ostracize them and even sterilize them whenever given the opportunity.

As far as I am concerned these protohumans are, when compared with any other group of people, nothing more than a garbage race of sh*t. If they are allowed to continue existing it will have to be somewhere far away from all truly human races, especially the European race. They have shown themselves to sadistically prey on more advanced hominids and are nothing more than greedy parasites. Just look at the island of Haiti. It was once the jewel of the Caribbean until they took it over. Now it is a miserable desert where a dead whale washing up on the beach is a national holiday.

So, you can see that as criminally active as the official stats prove the black community to be, they are actually much more active than that even. There is no doubt about it, we need to part company with the negro. If he will not leave then we will have to ourselves leave. Maybe this time we will have learned our lesson and will not make the same mistakes yet again. We are self sufficient so we needn’t care what lies the jews will inevitably spread about us as we live apart from the rest of humanity. Wherever we go we must never make the same mistake South Africa did and take any of that semitic slander to heart and allowing it to influence our decisions.

My only real complaint with the books is there were no pictures. Instead they had a lot of coded squares you are supposed to scan with a cell phone in order to watch videos about the various stories. Since I already have enough problems with people spying on me I’m in no hurry to get another device that can be used to track and eavesdrop on me so no videos for me I guess. They say if you go to the Radio Station’s website (he has a radio show) you can see all the videos there. I visited the site and finding the relevant videos required a bit more research to locate than I felt like expending, so I didn’t bother. Oh, one other thing that bothered me. The book wasn’t very well edited, the exact same stories, paragraph for paragraph, were duplicated, once as many as three times verbatim throughout the first book (the story about negroes targeting gay men). I honestly got the impression the first book especially was rushed into publication because of the lack of attention to details like that.

Of course I could write for days about this most degenerate of races, the negro, but I think we already understand each other on that.

Anyway, good thing negroes don’t like reading otherwise this guy Colin Flaherty could never afford all the body guards he would need.


download (2)
2005 was the last year crime stats were categorized by race. They have since stopped noting race because it is too “controversial”. Reality is indeed very controversial lots of times, especially where it concerns negroes.
In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man.

Table 42. Personal crimes of violence, 2005 [page 55]:

In the 111,590 cases in which the victim of rape or sexual assault was white, 44.5 percent of the offenders were white, and 33.6 percent of the offenders were black. In the 36,620 cases in which the victim of rape or sexual assault was black, 100 percent of the offenders were black, and 0.0 percent of the offenders were white. The table explains that 0.0 percent means that there were under 10 incidents nationally.


What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.


The Black Population in the United States: March 2002

In March 2002, 36.0 million people in the United States, or 13 percent of the population, were Black.


In 2013, the population of African Americans including those of more than one race was estimated at 45 million, making up 15.2% of the total U.S. population.

Those who identified only as African American made up 13.2% of the U.S. population-over 41.7 million people.


African Americans now constitute nearly 1 million of the total 2.3 million incarcerated population

Nationwide, African-Americans represent 58% of the youth admitted to state prisons (Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice).

The Wikipedia page on rape in the USA should be helpful, but it isn’t. (No surprise there).


All it says on the matter is:

Rape is usually intraracial.[citation needed], then the DOJ stats I put at the beginning of this post.

They have a special page for every imaginable white crime e.g. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lynching but cover up anything else.

Since hispanics are counted as White for criminal purposes there is no count for them, but any slight notice you may have of hispanic rapes would lend credibility to a high number of rapes there also.

They are counted as Whites when perps but Hispanics when victims.

The FBI stats are blatantly anti-white!

The Truth of Interracial Rape in the United States:

.Daily Telegraph, 05 November 2006
Three in four YOUNG black men on the DNA database

An estimated 135,000 black males aged 15 to 34 will be entered in the crime-fighting- database by April, equivalent to as many as 77 per cent of the young black male population in England and Wales. By contrast, only 22 per cent of young white males, and six per cent of the general population, will be on the database.

Figures for the last census in 2001 showed there were 175,000 black men, aged between 15 and 34, in England and Wales.

BBC, 05 September 2007

Figures compiled from Home Office statistics and census data show almost 40% of BLACK MEN have their DNA profile on the database.

Niggeroes in Restaurants & Retail. Amusing stories about being forced to serve monkey people:


I  work part time at a grilled sandwich shop. (Just graduated uni and need money!) And I can’t help but think that this job has made me incredibly racist.

Fucking 80 percent of the time, when a black person comes in to order they’re nothing but trouble. They either complain about the prices, try to get shit for free, act entitled, etc.

Just the other day I got in an argument with a nigress over fucking 38 cents! (which was the tax) The dumb bitch came in the day before and points at her receipt.

“It didn cost dat much yestaday.” And then I point to the bottom of the receipt which says the full total and say, “Actually you did.”

Dumb niggress doesn’t even apologize for being rude and then asks for a free drink.

I never give them any discounts or anything. If they complain I say, “Sorry, that’s what my company charges.” Fuck em. They can read the damn prices. There’s fucking prices everywhere and they act surprised when they order lobster and it’s expensive.

Lobster ain’t cheap fuckhead! Lobster costs money! And compared to what other people charge for lobster sandwiches, ours is a pretty good deal.

These are the same motherfuckers who will ask for their money back and say the sandwich was bad, after finishing the entire thing. I really can’t stand them.


And how come most humangutans who work at places like Mcdonalds or Burger King or Wendys fucking act this way?

Some of the fucking rudest people I’ve met have been negroes who work at fast food restaurants.


Back in Uni I was a server in the US. It made me red pilled about groids:

Last table of the night
group of 15 niggresses
get drink and food order
most ask for steaks fully cooked
all of my why?
deliver food
one niggress cuts into her steak saying “dis steak isn’t cooked!”
I tell it her its just the red light above her table making it that color.
she refuses to believe this situation and sends the steak back.
I tell the cooks its not done
they laugh at me
It took 3 total trips to the grill before she gave up

The only reason I got a tip was due to the fact they had more than 6 people. They bitched about the tip being included.


work at a sub shop across from a mall
its the evening, and according to breaking twitter reports supplied by my black coworker somebody may have gotten shot or flashed a gun at the mall
cue 15 niggers migrating all the fuck over to the store just so they can stand in front of the doors
as in literally right in front of them, to get in or leave you’d have to be hitting them with the door
nigger comes in and wants to buy a soda, quickly changes his mind when he finds out it isn’t $1 and gets a water instead
another time ghetto as fuck nig comes in
start half-heartedly bullshitting as I hand him his food because I just want him to leave
somehow he gets the impression I want to buy drugs off of him because he mentioned he was going to go home and pop something or other and watch the game and I agreed it was going to be a good time
whole family of nigs come in 10 minutes to close and decided to eat in, eat for 30 minutes after closing and leave about a whole sandwich strewn across the floor and two tables.

I’d get $5-15 a day in tips generally. Mostly from white folks that would come through.

Good ass food for free during lunch break though at least. Even had pitchers of koolaid.

I’m not sure how they always managed to get 1/3 of their meal around the table and under it though, haphazardly discarded napkins and all. Even encountered negroes who would throw their napkins over their shoulder into empty booths behind them. Had negroes ask me if someone is going to clean up their mess.

I grew up with nigs. The older I got the more I noticed how fucking uncivilized they are.

Meanwhile, my cousins (who grew up in the suburbs and have only seen a few magic negroes) are spouting blacklivesmatter bullshit and listen to rap all the time. I want to call them out on it, but showing my power level would alienate the only family I have left.



Night auditor at a hotel for a few years. Hundreds if not thousands of people every month. Easily 30K+ a year.

99% of the time when I had a problem it was with a black. Or an uppity white bitch that wanted a free room because her travelocity page said there was a 24 hour fitness center or what have you.

I never met many minorities before that. Almost everyone in my city is white. Friendly trustworthy folks. The kind of place you never lock your doors and leave keys in the ignition. Had an oil boom and lots of workers from out of state and then the drugs that followed them. Some were nice. You could tell the moment they walked in. 
Damn those niggers. So many godamn niggers. I couldn’t believe it. Constantly trying to write checks without an I.D. Or they hand me a fucking non-drivers I.D. because I’m sure most of them lost theirs or never got them in the first place. Drop “nigga this nigga that” every other 6th syllable. I honestly thought it was how they breathed. Like some kind of horrid mutation where their lungs became like gills and needed to utter “nigga” to sustain their respiration.

Rooms always fucking messes, shit stolen constantly. I had at least one would be mattress thief a week. Walking out the side door like nothing was out of the ordinary.

TVs and microwaves I can get. They are electronics and could possibly score a bit of cash but a fucking mattress? From a hotel? Who in the FUCK buys a used mattress from a nigger?

Anyways it depends. Usually I saw them on the surveillance behind the front desk and just went down to the exit and confronted them. Pretty upfront. Call them by their name and room number and inform them the mattress would be a $500 additional charge. Most just drop it and run out the door. Some get uppity and want to confront me.

-nah my man this is mine I just were bringing it from da car cuz I like my bed ya know?

Just call the cops at that point. Technically I cannot lay a hand on them but only a few actually tried to keep stealing it with me standing there.

Stealing a mattress from a hotel
-Used mattress
-Stealing a mattress from a hotel
-Stealing a mattress
-From a hotel

Niggers astound me.

“shit nigga I need a mattress? You know where they gots them?”
“sheeeeeeiiitt, hotels be like flush with mattresses dog!”

Niggers are the worst. Half if them smoke pot in the rooms, the others try to get refunds after sleeping the whole night. Oh and done get me started on checkout time. None of them want to leave on time. Sometimes is a fight to get them to leave.


working at staples print center
dumb nigger walks in
wants to order business cards, asks the same question they all ask
“Ayy man what’s the cheapest business cards yall got”
explain to him about designing one and having it shipped out for a lot cheaper
he Agrees and puts his design in one of our templates
send the order in to the people and he pays
comes back several weeks after his bcs arrive
“got a order for Bix nood to pick up”
find it after lots of trouble since it was way old
“AY this looks terrible, this looks like yall did it at home in 5 minutes”
design actually came out good but the paper was “too cheap”
payed 10 fucking dollars for 250 of them, full color
immediately asks for manager after bitching
asks to have them redone or discounted
manager works around it and he walks out thinking my boss will give him a deal later in the week
Soon as Hes out of earshot were both talking about how dumb he is



work at sports stadium
does other events during the year
some concerts, a rave and derby
have to deal with crazy fans during season
have to deal with druggies during raves and concerts
heaven compare to when i have to work hip-hop concerts
predominately middle class african americans
most of them are entitled as can be
demand their shit as if food doesn’t take time to get cooked
complain about the most miniscule thing in order to attempt to get free food
bring drugs to an inside events, most of whom get caught by state troopers
tipping is non existent, working with alcohol or food
they all order the same thing, chicken, and it’s hell on earth if our manager underestimates the order for frozen chicken
most co-workers i know usually quit around this event or otherwise skip it if possible.


Working with the public will teach you all asbout different types of people faster than anything else. I worked at Starbucks and got redpilled on a variety of races and people rather quickly, from bitchy soccer moms, to fat people telling me to leave the whipped cream off their large Frappachino because they did want the “extra calories”, but there was always this fat black lady and her kid, who would only order a small green iced tea and sit in our lobby using up the free wi-fi literally until we closed, shit was annoying as fuck.


In high school I worked at the Burger King next to the campus of Alabama State University, which was a black school. I hated working the drive thru because they’d have six or seven different orders per car and it would be hard to get straight which order was which because several of them would yell their orders at the same time. Also for some reason many of them would ask how much different things cost when there was a giant menu board right in front of them. And of course they’d try combining a bunch of coupons, each one with “Not valid with any other offer” printed on them.

Inside the store they’d order water and then go over to the soda machine and get cup after cup of Hi-C fruit punch. The owner eventually installed a remote control in the soda machine so we could shut it off when someone with a water cup was trying to get anything other than water. We also switched to a ketchup pump and those little paper cups instead of packets because they’d walk out with handfuls of the ketchup packets. Pretty much anything that wasn’t bolted down would end up going out the door including the rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom. Thank god I was liked by the managers and never had to clean the bathrooms. The few times I had to take a leak while at work they were fucked up even though they were cleaned regularly throughout the day.


Working at wing restaurant
Nigger calls in order for wings, says he wants buffalo sauce
Shows up high, pays for his wings in the drive through
He comes back a few minutes later
“Hey bruh these wings are the wrong flavor, I said I wanted BBQ”
“No sir, you said you wanted buffalo, it’s printed on the ticket.”
I go tell the cooks he said he wanted bbq
Cooks tell me whatever, take the wings back
Tell him if he gives the box of wings back we’ll redo it for him
When I tell him this he takes a huge bite of one of the wings, looks me in the eye while he does it
Throws the bone back in the box
Hand him the new box of wings, minus 1 because he was a nigger
“Man these are the same wings, y’all just put a different sauce on them”
“No sir, I watched them fry these wings myself”
“I want to speak to a manager”
Giant ass manager on shift makes a to go box of fries, throws them in high nigger’s lap
“I know that’s what you want, now get out of here”
Nig drives away scared



i worked at a call center as a customer service rep for dish network.

whenever a black name popped up on my computer (e.g. taeshonda jones), i felt a sense of dread. talking to black people was always a nightmare.

the worst: i got sexually harassed by a humangutan over the phone. i’m a male and a nigger faggot was jacking off while speaking to me.



In my first year at uni we had a nigerian girl in our corridor and she was nightmare. She stole peoples food, trashed the kitchen, she’d walk up and down the corridor yelling down the phone at 2am, her and her friends would make so much fcking noise all through the night, she left hair and dirty underwear in the shower. Ugh, never again.


working a liquor shop
niggers buy a single 12oz. beer
want paper bag
double plastic bags
want receipt
drop receipt on ground outside front door
bin 3 feet away

Every fucking time. It’s like their heads explode if they don’t get everything they can for free.


Here N.Italy blacks are rare (but somewhat rising in number) but when in high school I took buses to and from, having to basically spend a couple hours a day in a closed environment with them. I got the whole ride from being a white idealist thanks to my leftist education to a full blown racist in a matter of a year or two. Litter, screams, general lack of education and bad smell were all part of it. People should first hand experience this shit before talking like we’re the bad guys. Yes, there is sometimes ‘black people’ non-niggers, but as long as they’re the exception to the rule I don’t see myself changing my mind back so fast.



usually most seasoned restaurant owners or managers are redpilled enough to know whats going on. Whenever I argue with them now I make sure not to say anything that would get me in trouble. I just find clever ways to piss them off. Like this bitchy rasta nigress.
-big fat jamaican bitch comes in to order a lobster roll with fucking cheddar cheese
-she complains about the price
-starts being mean
-I act like I can’t understand her because of the dumb way she talks. (not just because of her accent)

My manager thought it was hilarious considering how mad that bitch got.


My wife is a manager at a local chain restaurant. Used to be in a relatively upscale area but since public transit has expanded out there it brings the hoodrats from the ghettos in. Blacks really are the worst. They will come in and do the following:

Order water with a lot of lemon and sugar packets to make their own lemonade so they don’t have to pay for it.

Make reservations for 4, then by the end of the meal end up with 5 more joiners with no warning whatsoever

Eat their entire meal except one or two bites, then demand to see the manager to get their meal comped because it was too cold or something

Find hair in their food that obviously fall out of their own nappy heads or from their own weave and demand their meal comped

In general, treat the waitstaff like absolute dogshit

And of course, at the end of all this: Won’t tip or will only tip like 20 cents


grocery store
nigger always comes in right before we close
have to stop stocking (where time is your enemy) to stop other people from coming in the store while nignog takes his sweet ass time since you technically can’t lock him in
crab legs, fresh collards, new york strips premium ice cream, etc etc. fills the cart
every time this nigger comes in, he never has enough money on the ebt card
have to ferry shit back to the shelf when its declined
he continues to pick off the cheap shit, not the crab legs or steaks
still doesn’t go through half the time
always does the “yo I just checked that shit, there be 500 on there”
drives off in a brand new cadilliac

also same store

nigress landwhale
always standing outside in the morning
always bums money and cigarettes off of people
“yo you got 3 bucks, ahm houngree”
initially gave her stuff because I’m nice
never said thanks
stopped giving her shit when she blatantly took one of my lighters and claimed it was hers
one night she rolls up in an electric scooter and is bugging the shit out of us while we stock
talking on her bluetooth
shit gets heated
eventually she rolls up front and fights FROM THE SCOOTER her apparent boyfriend
security guard maces them both
cops come
five fucking cops have to drag her ass off of the fucking scooter



Real brave warriors of conscience there, writing a passive aggressive speech on the back of the receipt and ducking out.

Are those smears from their tears of being victims of racism?

Niggers just saw a chance to save tip money

“The caucasian couple in front of us came in behind us. However, they received their check first”
No normal person eating at a restaurant pays enough attention to other tables to possibly notice anything like this, let alone attach any meaning to it. There is no way this person sincerely thought they were being discriminated against.


Get a job in Atlanta, on the road sales for electronics distributor.

Go to tons of small southern towns. All the same.

Niggers have to have job applications to show they were looking for a job. Show up at businesses in pajamas with curlers in their hair asking for applications. Based business owners tell them to fuck off and come back dressed professionally. Every town.

Roll into town at 11:00 am. Liquor store parking lot is standing room only of nogs. Some have lawn chairs and are lounging around.

Ask local what the deal is. Day after disability checks came out. Nogs are all young and healthy, drawing disability, waiting for the juice stand to open.

We should reinstitute the reservation system. Pick hopelessly infested areas or buy a few chunks of Mexico. Move out the actual productive members of society. Bus in the ghetto rats.

Place cavalry forts around the area to round up the reservation jumpers. Aids should take care of things in a generation or two.


Worked in the oil field with many Sudanese. They were some of the laziest, filthiest, dishonest scumbags in the world.

Would steal magazines, soap, towels, phones, tools, food, deodorant, and pretty much anything they could get their hands on.

Also notorious for finding any laptop that was not user locked and downloading shit tons of porn and cp.

Also would go on and on how they were oppressed because they actually were expected to work as hard as everyone else.

Also talked about their parents shoving hot peppers up their asses as a form of punishment.

What the fuck Sudan. What is going on in your country.


the hilarious thing about all this is that crime statistics aside, we have entire layers (their general unpleasantness to be around, simplicity of their ‘culture’/lifestyles and how its not compatible with modern society) of excuses to continue hating them.

I used to be a blue pilled mother fucker even despite hundreds of bad encounters with niggers before I was 18. I believed that it was because of all the bullshit reasons they fed us in school and the fact that they weren’t adults yet.
Then I became an adult and in the adults I met, the behavior was much the same though maybe slightly less prone towards random acts of violence, though it might help that I’m 6′, 220lb with a full beard. When they’re not obviously bigger than you they’ve got a whole lot less to say. Black women always asking me if I have a girlfriend. Nope, and it won’t be you either.
I don’t know where I’m going with this anymore but lately I do love to call them niggers when they say something stupid to me.
Seriously, when is the last time you called some chimp who can’t behave himself a ‘moon cricket’ to his face? For me it was Saturday night.



Oh lord Jesus I HATE niggermonkeys!

-work in luxury chocolate store
-everything is $50/lb
-ey my man lemme get a pound of dat white chocolate
-niggers love white chocolate
-Ok sir your total is 53.75
-hold up playa man u trippin gibs me dat 4 free feel me bruh
-everything is 50 bucks a pound and there’s a sign right here and here
-man that’s bullshit man
-it’s the way our company prices it product sir and there’s nothing I can do about it
-do you accept ebt

I’ve also had niggers come in and ask verbatim “what can I get for free?”

Niggers don’t understand capitalism and have gotten free shit their entire lives because they’re black.

fucking Hate blacks



There’s a similar situation with eastern Europeans and Muslims in the shop that I work in as well. I live in the north of England so theres loads of poor white people as well. But the white people are all generally pretty friendly and make me laugh with how unPC they are.

But the fucking foreigners man, its unreal
-Declined cards
-Asking for change for obviously fake notes, no I’m not giving you back the fake bitch
-Filling the aisles with their offspring and crowding up the place so people cant get past, they then refuse to move.


work in a deli/seafood market
beginning of every month niggers buy crab legs with food stamps
nigger bitch wants a sub tray picks one that feeds like 18 people costs like 40 bucks
asks if she can get it on ebt (foodstamps)
it works

niggers are fucking throwing parties and entertaining with foodstamps


Work at call center as boss
95% white company
have new training class
have on black guy in class
“WooHoo sum brotha’s in da hizzoouse.”
actual quote from site director
3 day of training trainees bitching
“D’John smells bad.”
post training site director comes into empty training room
“What the fuck stinks in here?”
“It’s D’John sir.”
 “It’s what?”
“D’John is one of the trainees sir, there have been complaints.”
“Is he the black?”
“D’John sir, yes he’s black.”
“Take him aside and tell him to wash his ass Anon.”
“Yes sir.” Spaghetti starts boiling
shit, gonna be a race riot when I tell him.
he smells like fried onions and moldy clothes
wears pullover hoodie eryday
pull him into other room
“D’John we’ve had complaints about your scent.” Pockets churn
“My scent? All I got on is deodorant.”
“It’s not deodorant. It’s your scent.” Gonna barf
“What are you trying to say? Can you pinpoint the scent?”
“pinpoint”– disnigga.gif
“Well, there in no scent, then there is the scent you have. That’s the scent.”
“S-should I go home and ch-change?”
“No, just take care of it by Monday.” Pasta sauce fills conference room.
he wanted rest of day off
wasn’t really sure if he had B.O.
or Lilly white office just never smelled a black guy before


In Subway
Negress in front of me is getting a empty water cup to get free soda from the self serve refill place
Cashier charges her 1 cent for the cup
“What the fuck motherfucker?”
“I’m terribly sorry but we have to charge for the cup so we can keep track of inventory.”
Proceeds to bitch at him endlessly about it.
I thought I would be humorous and white knight at the same time by paying for her drink so I could get my order.
Big mistake #1
“Motherfucker I don’t need your goddamn penny, I got my own money.”
Roll my eyes at her.
Big mistake #2
“Motherfucker, don’t give me goddamn attitude, I don’t need your goddamn attitude!”
Bitches at both of us for a while, finally goes to get her stolen soda.



I work at Domino’s in a small town.

The only issues I’ve ever had are with blacks, and yes, it was about free stuff.

They want you to fuck up so they get free stuff. They want to complain so you’ll apologize and give them free shit.

If I see a name like “Tayaneesha” and its at a fucking apartment complex I don’t even expect a tip, much less, I expect to have to count my money or they’ll short me on a delivery. It has happened multiple times.

One time I made an $18 delivery. The nigress hambeast gave me $7. Total. I had to turn around and knock on the door after she handed the wad to me. Naturally she got uppity and pissed, but I told her I need $18. She handed me bills slowly until I told her it was enough.

I don’t think she could count, legitimately.

She had 3 kids.

Welcome to niggers, I was already racist before, now I’m double racist.

Even the token black guy at our store hates delivering to and serving niggers.


Last year
Help my father at a car boot market because he has tons of stuff in his shed that he has collected over the years and never uses
Get to the market at about 6 am
Get swamped by black guys wanting to buy anything electronic
Can barely get out of the car because they start trying to look through everything without asking
They leave after we convince them we don’t have any electronics
Set up our stand and everything goes fine from then on
Getting close to midday which is when most people start to leave
2 black women want to buy something, I literally can’t remember what it is
They haggle for their life doing everything they can to save 50p of any price quoted
Agree price but its late into the market and we just ran out of bags
Black women start chimping out because we “won’t” give them a plastic bag for their stuff, but we literally don’t have any left
They start demanding we give them one of our proper bags that we used to transport all the items with
Tell them no
They chimp out even harder and start screaming we are racist and nasty people
Father loses his shit and tells them the deal is off then
Give them their money back and they walk away to a safe distance before making a big scene that we are racist
They eventually get bored and go on their way to harass another stall
Pack up and go home

They really are subhuman.


with friend eating in black owned establishment
group of “teen youths” who dindu nuffin come in
about 6 – 7 of them
they get their food, then start hooting and hollering, throwing food and various objects at each other and around the place in general
friend and I are in the back just being amused watching with zero fucks given
this goes on for about 4 minutes
drill sergeant like owner comes out from the back
“I told you stupid ass ignorant ass lil niggas you can’t be coming round here doing this shit no more!”
dindus look like deer in the headlights
“y’all lil stupid niggas betta get da fuck outta here and never come back or I’ll beat your asses like the daddies you never had shoulda done!”
dindus run scared from the building
owner gets applause from myself and everyone else


work at WalMart as cashier
niggers come in all the time buying snacks and candy and expensive steaks on their EBT,
always seem to have enough cash on hand to also buy beer and wine.
discover one day that if I press a certain button while they swipe their card, it will say “Card Declined”
whenever someone tries to buy garbage with EBT, I press the button when they swipe card.
niggers get all bent out of shape about it, yelling that the machine is raciss and shit.
card continues to get declined.
eventually they just storm out
do this several times a day for several months and no one ever calls me on it.


got an awe inspiring chimp out story
Work at JJ Fish & Chicken in niggerzone
we sell fried fish and chicken
90% of customers are black
have two young niggers sitting down eating
they are all drug dealers and usually have cash
other nigger walks in to place order
fried shrimp with hush puppies
other niggers see new one
jump up and attack lone nig
knocking over chairs screaming
lone nigger breaks loose
runs outside to car
two niggers leave their chicken and give chase
lone nigger reaches in car
pulls out 9mm
shots about 10 times into the front of our store
hits both other niggers
one dies
other one looks pretty fucked up
niggers speeds away
I call 911 eat his fried shrimp
lone nigger got away


This story will read like bullshit but it’s 100% true

Move into uni accomodation not knowing who I’ll be with beforehand
theres 10 of us
all very respecting of each others property, personal space, noise etc
except the kenyan
one kenyan
filled all the fucking stereotypes
played music out loud despite owning expensive beats headphones, so loud his roommate contracted shellshock like fear of being in the room
would outright steal food if he saw it around
never used his own milk/sugar for ceral
even occasionally stole more expensive shit like eggs, sauces
when he wasn’t stealing he would constantly try to beg food off people
his usual tactic would be to come in to the kitchen, say ‘x do you have y food?’ we quickly learned to always say NO I HAVE NONE OF Y FOOD, because otherwise his next line would be ‘can I have some? or ‘Can I get a bit?’ and it is difficult to refuse when he’s looking at you with his starving charity advert black eyes, also you don’t want to start fights with people you live with

He once saw me frying up some steak, then came over, said ‘Steak, eh?’ I said ‘right.’ He goes, ‘you know what goes well with steak? Chips.’ I was like ‘ok then.’ He then looked me dead in the eye and said ‘I’ve got chips.’ I keked and told him he wasn’t having any of my steak, do you even equivalent exchange?

Also I was well known for being an author in college for the CW society and yearly anthology, he once showed me his fanfiction tier writing and asked me to fix it. It was literally about a dindu who falls in love with some girl on the netball team (who was clearly based on one of our flatmates) it was pathetic to say the least. Glad I’m out of that mess, never room with dindus.


I work a Taco Bell, it’s not like fast food places can’t handle a modification or two, but I would get shit like.


Alright ma’am, I’ve got a beef and-


…abeefandpotatoburritowithnobeef, extra potatoes, green sauce instead of red, and a side of steak and a side of nacho cheese. Would you like a drink to go with that?


I’m sorry ma’am, we don’t add hot sauce packets to items, I’ll be glad to include fire sauce in your bag though. Your order comes to $6.47.


After that it’s pretty much me and my manager arguing with her that substitutions don’t subtract cost from an item, for about ten minutes. Then me handing her a cold burrito that she meticulously unwrapped and inspected for another 1.5 minutes. My average service time was fucked that day.

They can not just place a simple order, it’s ALWAYS something like, “Can I get a beef burrito but can you hold the beef and replace it with beans and can you add guacamole and add extra lettuce and hold the cheese but add extra peppers and can you cut in 7 slices and on the 7th slice can you use a crunchy shell and out some sauce on it? Also this is a to go order but can you put it seperate bags? Also I have a coupon for a free taco but on that taco can I get it with 50/50 beef and chicken and extra sauce and no lettuce and I need 5 jalapeños!”
It’s like thay all think they’re pampered African nigger princes or some shit!
carpenter here
working in Oakland hills
lunchtime head down to the flatlands to get lunch
go to Safeway for sandwiches
walking in pass a nigger by the front door
“Hey, you got any fried chicken?”
did he think I had some in my pocket?
I think he was asking me to buy him fried chicken from inside but was too high or drunk to get the right words out
go in buy sandwich
on way out
samenig “you got a dollar?”
samenig “you got a puffer?”
samenig “you got the time?”
fucking nigger was determined to get something for free even if it was just the time.

Another common occurrence at walmart:

single mom tries to buy food for baby with WIC (like foodstamps but with tons of restrictions)
finds out something she wants isn’t covered on WIC
Gets all upset about it
yells and screams about how she can’t afford a $2 bottle of juice
decides to just no get anything for the baby because “aint no one can afford that shit”
throws up a 40-pack of bud-light.
pays with cash


I am frequently near this little Jewish sandwich shop, and have gone over at odd hours and talked with the owner some. He told me:

>”You gotta be careful of all these Jews if you start a business out here. They’ll totally try to Jew you. They’ll invent stories and tell you that you gave their friend 10% off yesterday. They’ll invent reasons they should get a discount like they know your mother’s sister’s best friend’s kid.”

Since I was laughing he told me he could say that because he was Jewish, and said he tried to teach his kids not to ever be cheap because he didn’t want to uphold the stereotype.

Then I asked him how his black customers act:

“Eh…let’s not. Tell you what, see my prices? That’s normally high enough to make them turn away as soon as they see the price-board.”

And sure enough, I’ve seen that a bunch of times. Black guy or group comes in, says something along the lines of “Uh no, dat shit expensive” while a bunch of little kids in kippas are sitting around. The owner told me he thinks every little Jew who eats at his place is going to grow up to be a racist.

He has three young kids who are all very social and friendly, and not afraid of anything. I don’t know if you guys are familiar with most 8 year old Jewish kids, but they seem to be the most beta, scared, shut-in things I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen these conversations with the owner and his kids:

Kids: Dad, why do those kids act like that?
Dad: Because they are Jews.
Kids: But we are Jews and we don’t act that way.
Dad: And you better not. Now go play and talk to someone else.

I’ve caught him saying stuff to them all the time like that. “Stop being such a racist” is a pretty funny comment when made to a 5 year old. Or “One day you’ll be old and fat too.” The place is definitely better to eat at when the boss and his kids are all there, for those reasons.

butcher’s shop near the 1st of the month
buy whatever is on sale, usually just cheap ground beef
stand in line behind a bunch of niggers with armfuls of prime rib, other good cuts of meat, lobster, crab, etc
they pay with EBT
get to the cash register, pay for my ground beef with cash
“I wish I could afford to eat that well with my hard-earned money.”
owner and employees just look at me and nod with a look of resignation on their faces
remaining nogs sneer from the back of the line
see the same shit every month, would give my business to someone else but it is the same everywhere I go
check my white privilege
Be the cook at DQ
Pretty cool because no one hardly orders food at Dairy Queen
In middle of summer and we are getting slammed cause of “muh ice cream”
Crew leader yells back to me to come help on the front
Tell him I dont know shit about ice cream and register
He says to just come tell me what buttons to push.
Come to front and start waiting on first customer
White guy says he wants Ultimate burger
Cool, now I get to go straight to the back and start cooking again
Unbeknownst to me, a black woman is behind him in line.
As I get to the back, she starts yelling at me.
“What???!!! You don’t wait on black people?! You racist or something?!”
White guy spins around and says, “I just ordered a burger and he’s going to make it.”
She gets embarrassed and doesn’t say anything else.
Worked in a hotel a few years ago.
Nigger night.
We have 90 nigger guests hooray.
Planet of the Apes.
All come in and eat chicken.
Drop food everywhere.
Just constant bix nood.
Child screaming “WHERE ARE YOUUUUUUUU!?” over and over and over and over and over and over.We have little placards on all the tables informing our human guests what to do with the trays.
99.9% of white people take the trays to platewash as instructed.
99.9% of Asians take the trays to the platewash as instructed.
99.9% of Spaniards take the trays to the platewash as intended.
0.5% of niggers take the trays to the platewash but the rest stack them up like massive retards until they fall over everywhere leaving massive piles of bones and napkins everywhere.
Qt 3.14 girl smiles and enjoys the company of all these niggers, goes to Africa the next year to help them build schools or whatever.
later I hear she was badly beaten and gang raped while over there.

Pic related.

Yeah while we were working there some niglet child was running around screaming. Had to have been two years old at most.

Niglet shirtless child.
In a hotel.
By itself.
“Where are you parents?”
Ooga booga bix nood.
Qt and all the other female staff member’s hearts fucking melt.

Are you serious.

I wonder if they ever found the parent(s).

Okay let’s not kid ourselves it’s not plural.

Work at retail store in a city full of SJW types
Black woman comes in and wants a refund for an item she’s blatantly broken
Tell her company policy does not cover accidental damage only physically damaged items prior to sale
“I got it like that”
As the box was torn to shreds that evidently wasn’t the case
Refuse to refund it
She starts calling me racist and having a fit
All the Marxists browsing the store come over to back her up
Black coworker comes over and starts yelling back at her
Yo Bitch what your problem with my boy here, ain’t you got some cotton to be picking
She storms out the store in a rage why I try and contain my laughter
SJWs seem shocked that a gentleman of colour could use that languageSadly he eventually got fired for pissing too many customers off.
I worked at a pharmacy in high school.
The manager was a huge guy, easily 6’4″, complete pussy, would not stand up to anyone.
The squirrely/wirey 5’8″ assistant manager on the other hand would tell people like it is, if they got loud/rude/insulting/made a mess/etc, he would throw them out of the store.
>loud niggers
>teenagers who were obviously looking to steal shit
>bums who would make a mess return aluminum cans for deposit
>anyone who got an attitude
He would ask them to leave, if they got mad about it, he’d tell them they were banned from the premises and that returning would result in criminal trespass. The police that moonlighted as security had to arrest several people while I was there. He even threw out a local well known black business owner who got loud with one of the clerks because we were out of his “famous” bbq sauce.
It’s only in the last few years that I’ve gotten to that level. Fuck I loved that guy.

That is exactly the problem. Our blacks have been corrupted by handouts, entitlements and a school system, media, government and politically system that tells them that they are disadvantaged from the git-go more than anyone else. Their popular culture has been corrupted.
And yes, if you give them cash, many will let their children starve so they can dress nicer, have a nicer car, buy drugs/tobacco/booze/etc.
There are white people like this too, but at least other white people will shame them for their behavior.
1.don’t be afraid of niggers
2. avoid niggers
These are not contradictory, niggers can fuck up your day if you ‘allow’ them to.
I cut off people’s cable all day, I knock on their door, I ask them to pay their bill, I take their equipment (yes, I’ll even go into their homes and do it for them) then I go find where they’re hooked up and disconnect it.
I’ve had people threaten me in their home, tell me that I can’t go in their yard, or even threaten to kick my ladder out from under me when I’m 20-28 feet in the air.
Doesn’t happen much any more because I smile a lot and am super friendly.
But when they say something stupid I let them know politely that it’s interference with a utility worker which is a criminal/arrestable offense and they can’t actually stop me. Then I do my business anyway.
Anyway, here’s a typical news story about groids:
Have a nice day evderyone!