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Redpills of Zion 2014

And this is just something recently put together. It’s a complete clusterfuck of links, but there really wasn’t much time or autism to clean things up and sort them out.

Black doctors


When a person is white, they need to beware of black doctors and black nurses. Due to their ingrained hatred of white people, blacks will give inferior medicine and at times kill their patients.

In the UK, the government prefers to hire foreign black doctors over whites. These foreign negro doctors have skills far below those whose ancestry is from the UK, but the foreigners have far easier competency tests than brits. Going to a foreign doctor in the UK is putting your life at risk![1] Many times these foreign-born doctors from Africa have been found guilty of medical misconduct but allowed to work in the UK because of a europhobic government.[2] They also botch surgeries[3] and perform fraud.[4]

As an example of how black doctors and black nurses behave: Nigerian-born medic Daniel Ubani murdered David Gray, 70, with ten times the safe amount of pain killer diamorphine. Ubani fled to Germany and the jewish news media now refrers to him as a “German doctor”. Germany let Ubani get away with murder. They gave him zero jail time and a small fine. Ubani then sued the family of his victims because the inconvience of being busted “made him miss dinner”.[5] During that lawsuit, court transcripts came up that privately the victim’s son Rory muttered to his brother Stuart that Ubani was an animal. Ubani had no idea of it previously but the court compelled this private conversation to be revealed. Ubani then sued the family of the victims again, for privately saying to one another that this cold-blooded-psychopathic-murderer was an animal.[6] This is what ZOG legal systems allow: black medics who murder whites to get away with it and practice medicine and then twice sue the families of the victims in frivilous lawsuits.

Black nurses will sleep on the job and ignore their white patients letting them die, and their reactions are things like, “In my country, if they have died, then they have died.”[7][8]Black male nurses will sexually assault those patients who cannot fight back.[9]

In a typical example of how whites are treated by black nurses: Sandra Hynes, 50, went in for acid reflux treatment but following poor medical treatment, ended up with a punctured lung. She had to remain in that hospital two additional two weeks and had to be put on oyxgen as well as morphine for the pain. That weekend a black nurse did not know how to provide new oyxgen or give her morphine by an IV and so gave her morphine orally leaving her hallucinating and crying. So the several black nurses there who comprised all the staff simply insulted her. One of the black nurses then began feeding scalding hot soup to the patient in the bad next to Sandra, and the patient began screaming and crying as she was burnt and blistered alive. Sandra told the junior nurse Maureen Nwadike (black nurse) that she should have tested the soup before serving it. Immediately afterward, Nwadike’s superior, who is also black, Staff Nurse Maureen Nwadike then went up to Sandra and called her racist, then made a big scene of it. In fear for her very life, Sandra grabbed a walker and tried to flee the hospital even though she was in extreme pain.[10]

Black medical staff are typically very rude and will just abandon white patients, leaving them dying on a stretcher in a corridor for days with no food, water, or access to a bathroom. In South Africa where their affirmative action laws prevent hospitals from hiring or even employing whites, even if it means the job is vacant for years, means the hospitals are only staffed by blacks.[11]

In another example, an 88-year-old white woman had just gotten off the bus when she slipped and fell on pavement, cutting her head and injuring her arm. She couldn’t even cry, “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” as she was knocked out from the fall. A white good samaritan, Jane Batchelor, who runs a cake business, ran to the practice of black doctor Christopher Uwagboe. However Uwagboe apathetically refused to help, saying he was not first aid trained. He refused to leave his office and his staff also refused to help, refusing to even supply a blanket for the old woman. Batchelor had to call am ambulance herself for the old lady.[12]

Other nonwhite foreign doctors in white countries[edit]

The influx of immigrant freeloader immigrants has overburdened the UK‘s free healthcare system.[13] Foreign doctor in the UK have skills far below those in the UK, but the foreigners have far easier tests than brits. Going to a foreign doctor in the UK is putting one’s life at risk![14] In 2014, the top surnames for doctors were largely nonwhite, showing nonwhites were stealing even the highest paying jobs. Khan was #1, Patel was #2, Ahmed was #6, and Ali was #9. Many of those foreign doctors passed their medical exams in aThird World country where the requirements are far less strict. 43% of doctors in the UK that are under sanctions for medical abuse are from outside the UK. The government of the UK allows them to continue to practice medicine. These nonwhite doctors have done horrific things such as removing women’s ovaries instead of their apendixes. The UK has the highest infant mortality rate in Western Europe because of these nonwhite doctors. What’s worse is foreign doctors have thick accents so patients cannot understand them, and the ones from South Asia have extremely bad breath deterring patients from asking them to repeat themselves.[15]

Nonwhite doctors in Britain such as Ahmed Masood repeated raped a girl during the ages from 7 through 10 years old, and this wasn’t even from the new masses of invaders flooding in, but it was back from 1982 through 1985.[16]

Nonwhite health care workers also sodomize young white boys in hospitals, driving them to suicide.[17]

A number of old folks homes employ illegal aliens. These illegals will ignore elderly white people and leave them to die.[18]

Black Male Top Pedophiles Crimes Per Capita in the USA. Probably everywhere else too.



There is a long-standing myth perpetrated by Blacks and White
anti-racists like Tim Wise that Whites are more likely to molest
children than any other race. This goes back to some stereotype of the
creepy, nerdy, weirdo White guy who can’t get laid so he molests kids.
About time we shot this myth full of holes like it needs to be.


% of total child molesters:

White 51%
African American 25%
Hispanic 15%
American Indian/Alaska Natives 2%
Asian/Pacific Islanders 1%
Relative to their population, likelihood of abuse compared to background population rate:

American Indian +100%
Blacks +92%
Hispanics no difference
Whites -35%
Asian -67%

On an individual basis, American Indians are most likely to molest a
child, then Blacks, then Hispanics, then Whites, then Asians.
The high Amerindian rate is probably due to the utterly collapsed
nature of Amerindian families and societies as a whole. The high Black
rate is because, well, Blacks have elevated rates of most crimes
compared to Whites, Hispanics, Asians and Amerindians. I fail to see why
child molesting should be an exception. Low Asian rate is probably
because across almost all crime stats, Asians typically have the lowest
rates of them all.
As you can see, not only are Whites less likely to molest kids than
Blacks, they have one of the lowest child molesting rates of any ethnic
group in the US, surpassed only by Asians.
One rejoinder to this argument is that those statistics include as a
“child” persons all the way to age 17. Sex with a 14-17 year old is
hardly child molestation. The argument is that while Blacks may be more
likely to have sex with teens, Whites are more likely to have sex with
an actual child under the age of 13.

Child Abuse & Child Sexual Abuse ~ Substantiated

Composition of substantiated child abuse in 2000:

879,000 children were victims of child maltreatment.

Neglect ~ 63%

Physical ~ 19%

Sexual ~ 10%

Psychological ~ 8%

Victimization rates declined as age increased.

Rate of victimization per 1,000 children of the same age group:

Birth to 3 years old = 15.7 victims per 1,000.

Ages 16 and 17 = 5.7 victims per 1,000.

Except for victims of sexual abuse, rates

were similar for male and female victimization:

11.2 and 12.8 per 1,000 children respectively.

Rate of sexual abuse by gender:

1.7 victims per 1,000 female children

0.4 victims per 1,000 male children.

Rate of child abuse by race:

White = 51%

African American = 25%

Hispanic = 15%

American Indian/Alaska Natives = 2%

Asian/Pacific Islanders = 1%

The comparative annual rate of child victims:

decreased steadily from 15.3 victims per 1,000 children in 1993

to 11.8 victims per 1,000 children in 1999;

then increased to 12.2 per 1,000 children in 2000.

Whether this is a trend cannot be determined until additional data are collected.

Source: US Dept of Health and Human Services,

Administration for Children & Families,

Child Welfare Information Gateway (formerly Nat’l Clearinghouse on Child Abuse & Neglect), 2000.

The myth of the White Child Molester(60% of Black Women Raped as children by Black Men)


There seems to be an ongoing myth regarding pedophilia and White Men. The repeated meme about the “White Child molester” is regurgitated ad nauseum without anyone ever offering evidence to back these claims up statistically.

The truth seems to be almost exactly the opposite.

[link to]

[link to]

[link to]

60% of black women are sexually assaulted by a Black Man before age 18 and 40% of them are molested by Black Men before age 12.

This is in startling contrast to white women as a whole(both as adults and as minors) experience sexual assault less than half as often.

It seems to be so pervasive that Blacks don’t even consider it unusual or heinous enough to report it more than 1 time in 15 as opposed to whites who will report it 1 time in 5.

It appears that the Black Man is the King of Child Molesters while White Men rape minors less than 1/2 as often and are 3 times more likely to be reported and arrested than their Black Male counterparts.

If you know a Black Woman there is a 60% chance that she lost her virginity to an adult Black Male Rapist and most of them will have been raped as preteen children by a Black Man.

The Alarming Frequency of Pedophilia Among Negroes:

39 - Niggers Molest Children_jpg

A few days ago one of those annoying, “Africentric” type negroes left a mocking comment coded in Ebonics where he insists Whites are the most prolific pedophiles on earth. Well, I knew for a fact that was nonsense since negroes are the simplest of all the humanoid races and have precious little sophistication or self control, so, of course they are abnormally active in all spheres of antisocial and criminal behavior.

I wanted to get the actual statistics concerning pedophilia among negroes, but much to my chagrin every mainstream website that touched on this topic insisted that Whites were the most active pedophiles. They also said that most, if not all, serial killers are Caucasian, but I know for a fact that was a lie. There have even been three books published giving facts which specifically prove that percentage wise the negro race sires over three times as many thrill-killers that the European. Of course under the heading “White” one sees an awful lot of dark and alien faces on the FBI most wanted lists, and of course you can’t rely on the media making it easy for the public to determine which White looking criminals are, in fact, jews, but even with the stats cluttered up with all those superfluous individuals, negroid homicidal maniacs still outnumber those classified as “White” by a hefty margin.

I was able to finally shut that annoying Nubian up by providing hims with this link:

Although that was enough to choke that typing monkey into silence I wanted more information specific to negroes in Western countries. Most of all I wanted to create a post I can link these bothersome idiots to to take whatever wind out of their sails their jewish professors pumped into them.

So, after looking and asking around for the past day online, this is what I have:

The rate of sex offenses against minors amongst negroes is 68.19 per 100,000. The rate for whites is 21.89 per 100,000. Tell anyone who thinks otherwise to learn basic math and how to read statistics. As with just about every other crime on the board, the negro rate is 3 times what the white rate is. My rate for whites is even including the Hispanics or other non whites who identify as white so they are lumped in with white stats.

Here’s and article written by a black about child sexual abuse in the negro community:

FBI table 43 has the raw numbers. Whites do in fact out number negroes in sex offenses against children roughly 2:1. BUT whites also outnumber blacks in America 7:1 population wise.

The total number of sex offenses against family or children is: white – 53,760, negroes 25,698. Black children are 4 times more likely to be victims of incest when compared to whites, they are also 4 times more likely to be killed or attacked by a family member.

“Race and ethnicity are an important factor in identified sexual abuse. African American children have almost twice the risk of sexual abuse than white children. Children of Hispanic ethnicity have a slightly greater risk than non-Hispanic white children (Sedlack, et. al., 2010).”

In the U.S., Blacks are more likely to molest children than Whites are.

In Africa, baby and toddler rapes are commonplace.

Also, here is an interesting link (and I have herd of other tribes besides the Sambia doing similar things):

Here are the three books I mentioned about negro serial killers:”

This book also looks interesting: