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Presently residing in an undisclosed compound under the northern Canadian wastes with my inspiration Karen.

I’m not saying anything which should be controversial here on this blog. Different races are different in far more than just appearance so there will always be trouble when they are forced to live together in the same society.

Even our Satanic overlords know this so they are intentionally dumbing everyone down in hopes of someday breeding everyone into a single negroid race with an average IQ of 85 which will be easy for them to dominate.

I’m NOT cool with this and I don’t think most other people are either.

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      • I see that Thurgood Marshall was Counsel for the winning side, as he also was on Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, one of the all-time worst instances of the sodomizing of the Constitution. Right up there, with Brown, there is a decision, from 1979, that says that a person charged with a crime, is NOT innocent until proven guilty.

    • There was (don’t care to check out if still exists) a site called ChimpOut run by homo jews. Their stance was: niggers are not humans, all others are okay, don’t say a bad word about jews, occasional muslum bashing and lots of nigger-nigger-nigger.

      They cover their bedroom walls with posters of niggers, and claim to hate them. No biologically healthy white man has a folder filled with negroes eating watermelons and fat jiggling negresses. But they choose to live in that kind of world.

      These kind of sites are AmRen for dumber people and for what it really is in plain terms. Frustration and energy is being redirected and contained to false targets by the perpetrators.

      • I’ve said several times on the other blog, those sites are obviously controlled dissent by the ykw. They blame EVERYTHING on White liberals which really doesn’t make any sense.

      • And the bastards we all love to hate, aren’t even REAL JEWS, they’re Ashkenazi Jews from Russia, who don’t have a single drop of REAL Jewish blood in them. The REAL Jews; you know, the ones who were led out of Egypt by Charleton Heston, and lived in Palestine for thousands of years, the Sephardic Jews, who are treated almost as shamefully as the Zionists treat the Arabs.

    • But all of the Jews say, “We aren’t prejudiced, look at all the help we’ve given the SCHWARTZES. And calling them schwartzes isn’t prejudiced or disrespectful, it just means ‘black,’ in our language.” BULLSHIT. If you’ve ever seen a Jew, talking about black people, as I have, they say ‘schwartzes,’ with their faces all twisted and screwed up, a look on their face like they’re smelling the most vile thing on earth, their noses all wrinkled up, and slobber coming out of their mouths. I saw the owner of EASY LOANS, a pawn shop on South Central Avenue, in Los Angeles, whose name was Rose Mendelsohn, and who lived in Beverly Hills (that is NOT a stereotype), say ‘schwartzes’ several times, about 3:00 A.M., after a black dude had thrown one of those old milk crates, made out of wood, with metal corners, through one of her windows, and stole a cheap-ass electric guitar. That was just BEFORE the 1965 Watts Riot, where every Jew-owned pawn shop was looted and burned.

  1. A sign of hope or just another puzzle piece in the NWO plan?:


    And get this piece of german doom: An Ex-pastor in Munich and member of the conservative (!) german party called CSU (Christian Social Union) says “Asylum seekers should be granted service of prostitutes to satisfy their human needs”. Only in german, sorry, but here is a translation of the important part:

    “The idea came when a friend told me that 100 asylum seekers are coming into his village and now many fear that so many men could harass the women in the village. This fear we have to meet.” said Wagner.

    Pastor Wagner knows that his proposal will be difficult to fruition, but defended his cause. The men had a “sexual desire”: “We close our eyes, nobody thinks this far.” Also for the financing the retired clergy has concrete ideas. Perhaps there could be a “Support Group” or we could find a brothel owner who wants to do a “good work”.

    Wagner was a Protestant minister and accuses the society, especially in Bavaria, of double standards. “In our society, we still have prostitution, which is supposed to be a recognized profession, newspapers and the Internet are full of ads. Regarding asylum seekers, we give them to eat and to drink, and say: This problem is solved, but it is not. “.

    See article here: http://www.tz.de/muenchen/region/pensionierter-pfarrer-ulrich-wagner-siegertsbrunn-fordert-prostituierte-asylbewerber-4792607.html

  2. Great Channel my friend. I will post more videos hopefully we can gain further insight on those zionist mafias who control the media, from newspapers to hollywood.
    They are 100:1

    We have internet as last hope, otherwise back to the drawning board.leaftlets distrubution.cds.magazines.letters.journals.

    Peace and love.

    • Yes, dark times ahead no doubt, but to be honest I miss the days of printing up and distributing fliers.,
      If you don’t mind I plan on posting your beak down of Gremlins 2.

    • Glad to hear you enjoy it.
      Of course with all the negro activity in the news lately all these sorts of blogs enjoy a spike in traffic so I try to be on top of things and provide the essentials!

  3. News from Austria:The figures on the traffic lights for pedestrians in Vienna are now also shown as gay and lesbian couples. No joke!!!


    Text is in german, but it says they did it to show that Austria is a tolerant state and everyone is welcome regardless of sexual orientation. Not everybody likes it, but they will keep them at least till the end of june, because of the Eurovision Song Contest and some Anti-HIV-Gala.

    I wonder when will they have traffic lights showing a muslim with his goat…

  4. Hi!
    I just wanted to share a story, that a colleague of mine told me. That colleague is the only one in my company I can share my political views on race and this world in general without having to fear I might face oppressions. You may already know that I live in Germany, but I am working for an US-company, our European headquarter is in England, and I have my team in Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland and Finland. So I and also my colleagues travel a lot.
    In this short story my colleague met a Chinese business man. Now, my experiences with chinese people are very mixed. On one hand I admire their ambitiousness when they want to achieve a goal, on the other hand they sometimes behave like animals, for example at dinner. But the views of the Chinese man in this story impress me.
    Now, my colleague wanted to fly back from Amsterdam to Hamburg. When he arrived at his seat a Chinese guy who was obviously a business man, had already taken his seat at the window. There were people outside of the plane preparing the last things, you know, fuelling the plane, loading the cargo, checking this and that. My colleague started reading the newspaper, the Chinese was watching all the things going on outside. Then he turned himself to my colleague and asked him why on earth we “would let them do this kind of important work”. My colleague did not understand, but the Chinese guy pointed at a black man who was checking on something at the wing. The Chinese guy explained, that he would expect an European airport or airline to let people of European descent take care of such safety things. He assumed that at least 80 % people of European descent would use that airport and so the airline must be interested in the highest safety standard and therefore let a European technician take care of these things. He said on the Shanghai airport, there would never ever be a black man working, because they would like the Chinese people to be safe.
    My colleague was stunned by these open words, but they are somehow true. On their flight to Hamburg they did not talk, but he told me he thought a lot about these open words of the Chinese man.
    Because in this case, the Chinese people absolutely do it right!

    • You know, negroes have no aptitude for flying and they make terrible pilots. Despite this they are constantly trying to coerce blacks into becoming pilots all in the name of “diversity”, flyer safety be damned!!

    • The Chinese may rank different races as to their desirability, meaning that they rate black people below us white guys, but those Chinks think that they are the ‘master race’ at this point in time, maybe for all time. They are extremely race-conscious, and have made no secret of the fact that they intend to take over the world; militarily, if necessary.

      • Funny then that they have never won a war in recent history and everything they make is cheap and shoddy.
        People think Chinks are so nice and polite, but I have had to deal with lots of them who were fresh off the boat and they are rude and nasty as fuck.

  5. David is a friend of mine, but I don’t know what happened there. He is actually friends with Taylor at least publicly, as David doesn’t like to get into personal battles with people. But I have my suspicions about Taylor as he will not talk the Jewish issue. VERY suspicious to me.

  6. Yo. You can just go stealing all my content then rehashing it on your site as your own. Please delete all the content you stole from my site. That’s a real nigger thing you’ve done.

    • I hate to say it, but are you sure you don’t have any darky in you? LOL! Just kidding.
      I link back to your page after every post, probably got you a little extra traffic, some more people are aware of what you’ve been doing, and you come on here and call me a nigger?
      You’re welcome, I guess.
      Personally I’m always happy when people link back to my blog. This happens to me frequently. I assume this is your first time since you apparently don’t understand how it works.
      I’ll gladly reimburse you all the money I’ve cost you. Have your people contact my people. 😀
      Seriously, if you want me to delete the posts contact me privately like a gentleman @:

      • It’s OK. He’s not calling you a nigger.
        He left his comment here because otherwise they are moderated and he was hoping to embarrass me in public.
        He’s talking that way to me because I linked back to his page, or blog.
        I think he’s in a bad mood cuz he had to wait on a bunch of groids at work.

  7. Here is an interesting article, it is in german, but i will tell you the story:


    It is about the TV show “Aktenzeichen XY ungelöst”. It is a TV show where the police are looking for the population to help them, they are asking for witnesses and information to solve the criminal cases and get the criminals. It is broadcasted on ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen), a TV station that is led by a management made of people that are strong lobbyists or have strong connections into german policy.

    Now it has leaked, that it was planned to search a rapist, but because the suspect was black, the ZDF did not broadcast this part of the show. The german police complained about this, because they needed urgent information about the black suspect, which they are sure is the offender.

    ZDF intendants said, they did not broadcast it because they did not want to make bad atmosphere or raise hate against black people and immigrants.

    German police ministry has made an official complaint about this. “All criminals must be persecuted, regardless of their color, religion or citizen status”, a spokesman of the police was quoted.

    For these words I bet he will be shifted to an island to do his duties there…

  8. Forgot to update: they are planning to broadcast this case in 2 weeks… This gives the suspect enough time to escape :-(.

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