Another tale of terror from MODERN BRITAIN


I was detained for 24 hours by female LE because I’m a guy:

arguing with gf
she runs outside
i grab her and try to pull her back in so she doesn’t do anything stupid outside
woman on street sees us and calls the cops
5 mins later two female police officers knock on my door
i tell them everything is okay
they wanna come in
tell them they either arrest me or leave, I’m not talking to them
they arrest me and take me to police station
on the way i give an autistic rant about sexism
strip searched and given thin ass vest and shorts
put in cell overnight
in the morning the female sergeant officer tells me she takes domestic violence seriously
authorises my detention for another 12 hours
12 hours later i get let out
gf outside, says she didn’t press charges or say anything bad about me
female police, again, encouraged her to press charges because i ‘looked’ like a wife beater

basically served one day in solitary confinement WITHOUT A SINGLE shred of evidence nor a chance to explain my story, because female police force didn’t like comments I made and assumed without evidence that i was guilty

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