4 thoughts on “Electric Jew

  1. During the 50-60s the director of the FCC said TV was a vast wasteland. I forgot which CIA director said it but one warned that people should not watch TV at all, it was a mind control tool.

    I remember this sci-fi movie form 1953 a cute innocent story about a TV that ran a mans life, the Twonky, I actually found the movie on youtube

      • I forgot to include his name. One thing most “sheeple” are unaware of are some of the real reasons for TalmudVision going digital besides the selling points of better pix and sound, wall to wall TeeVee screen, etc, etc. I have to laugh when I see Joe and jane six-pack wheeling out their brand new 80″ TV at a big box store.

        Going digital allows the spooks to spy more in viewers plus to add better subliminals. I’d have to add a 1000 line post to explain the technical stuff

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