Latest Zio-Hypocrisy—Ferugson, MO vs Racial Segregation in Israel

The ADL website even has a special section devoted to what it calls “the role white privilege plays in the different interactions white and people of color have with law enforcement” in Ferguson, MO.

The gist of the ADL’s propaganda is that European-Americans are all “biased” and racist, and that everything that has gone wrong in Ferguson is their fault.


This allegation is, of course, not true—but it is not the blatant lies which these Jewish hypocrites are telling which is the worst thing of the situation—it is the fact that they make these allegations while at the same time covering up and ignoring very real and provable racism by their beloved homeland, the Jews-only tribalist state of Israel.

In this hypocritical cover-up they are assisted by their co-religionists who run the media directed at the non-Jewish public.

For example, the controlled media gave some attention to the fact that the Jews-only state had seized nearly 1000 acres of land in the West bank recently—spinning it in the context of the murders of three Israeli teens, as if this somehow justified the blatantly illegal land grab.

Israeli officials declared a 990-acre region as “state land,” effectively confiscating it from Palestinians who live nearby and claim ownership. The land is west of Bethlehem, in an area with several established settlements.

According to a newswire report, “Israeli officials say the appropriation was prompted, at least in part, by the murder of three Israeli teenagers back in June. Their deaths lead to the recent Gaza conflict,” and The New York Times “said the announcement could be seen as a punishment for the Palestinians.”

The sympathetic coverage given to the illegal land grab is in stark contrast to the total cover up of an announcement that the Jewish city government of Jerusalem has approved a new residential suburb in the east of the city—for Arabs only!


News of that announcement was only carried in Jewish newspapers directed at Jews, for example, the Haartez newspaper, which proudly boasted that:

“The Jerusalem Local Building and Planning Committee on Wednesday approved a large construction plan for an Arab neighborhood in East Jerusalem over the objections of right-wing city councilors. The plan for the Arav al-Swahara neighborhood extends over 1,500 dunams (375 acres) and calls for building 2,200 homes.”

The Haaretz newspaper, which is a “left wing” Zionist publication (i.e. a successor to the tradition of Jewish Socialism started by Moses Hess and the original Poale Zion movement, which morphed into the Israeli Labor Party) was happy that the Arabs-only suburb had been approved over the objections of “right wing” Jews who didn’t want to give the Arabs anything at all.

In this, Haaretz showed the essential hypocrisy of even “left wing” Zionists—they are simply ignoring the fact that they are lauding a legally racially segregated suburb, just one of many such racially-segregated areas, roads, schools and other institutions in Israel.

Bringing this back to the United States: the ADL is a fanatic supporter of Israel. The ADL’s website—which always accuses Europeans of racism—also contains advice on how to support Israel and the Jewish community all over the world.

Yet the ADL is completely silent on the racial segregation in Israel—because it is being enforced by Jews. And, in the twisted world of Jewish Supremacy, Jews are always right, and non-Jews are always wrong.

It is the old story: one rule for the hated Goyim, and another rule for “God’s Chosen.”

Dear Brothers: This Red Pill is Delicious – You Must Eat It

Editor’s Note: This article is exclusively intended for male readers.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2015

The glasses.  Put them on.

As the reader is probably aware, I have made the decision to go full-Nazi on the feminist issue.

I now realize how reserved I had been on this issue, and how wrong that was.  Because men need to know these things and no one is telling them.

There is no way we are ever going to stop these kikes if we’re running around like a gaggle of limp-wristed queers trying to please a bunch of completely unhinged females by listening to their infinite stream of meaningless gibberish.

On my last article on the topic, I broke form and became very active in the comments section, as I believe every objection to these positions needs to be dealt with so that we can move forward.  I have spent quite a lot of time on it over the last two days, and if you have questions about this still (or are just interested in the drama), you should really go check it out.  Feel free to post any of your own thoughts or questions.

It is time to separate the alpha males who are capable of manning up and reclaiming the civilization our ancestors gave to us from the beta faggots who are not fit to wear White skin.

You need to be the kind of man other men can rely on, the kind of man women can rely on, and in order to be that, you need to understand what men and women are.

    The identity of our people comes from male brotherhood - a shared identity that allows us to die for one another. Without this, the White race does not even exist.

We need to be a brotherhood, in a highly spiritual sense.  And in order for that to work, we must be masculine.  In order to be masculine, we must understand what it is, and in order to do so we must understand what the femininity is.  True masculinity cannot co-exist with feminism.  This is the core nature of the problem.

It is feminism – the original sin – which put us where we are.  The Jew went to the female, and we allowed the female to take us down.

If you cannot swallow this pill, you are of no use. But if your confused, give it time.  Consider your emotions surrounding it, and ask where they came from.  And then do your best to logically refute what I am saying.

Have I ever lied to you, brothers?

Read These Comments

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What I think is important to add here is that there is a racial issue, because no other race has succumbed to feminism.  This is the reason these monkeys are running roughshod on us.  They might be stupid as all hell, but they’ve got their own house in order.

Feminism has collapsed our families, it has stripped us of our manhood, it has crushed our identity, it has allowed for us to be invaded and conquered.  Again: original sin.  I cannot stress enough the importance of understanding this.

Some Other Stuff

As I have said, this is going to be an ongoing theme, and it has really struck me how absolutely important this is.  It is more important to talk about than the race issue, if people don’t understand it, because without an understanding of what masculinity is and how to possess it, we don’t stand a chance of stopping these Jews.  I’ve got a series planned, and I may do another radio show about it this week.

Things are a bit tight for me right now, as Sven is doing the radio administration, and regrettably Marcus is gone, so my writing load in order to keep the number of posts I want to have daily on the site has increased quite a bit.  But as you know, I’m a word machine.

Also, we’ve still got pretty serious money troubles, due to the continued lack of an ability to receive online contributions.  If you are able, please use bitcoin or mail something in – details about that are here.  International folks can mail international money orders, by the way.  I guess you would get those at the post office.  And every little bit helps.