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Now what really is cultural marxism? Cultural marxism is a term describing a sociopolitical function, a phenomenon were non-political identities are turned political, seeking cultural dominance of the ruling culture. The ruling culture is being criticized, and the total polarization of these conflicting identities in the name of social justice or social equality, will bring corrode and bring down the ruling culture.

Basically you could say that Cultural marxism = identity politics + Critical Theory + Social justice.

Easiest way to see why we are calling it social marxism is to compare it with classical marxism, which was materialistic and economic. Classical marxism was about critique of capitalism, class struggle and economical equality.

>Critique of Capitalism = Critique of white hetero normative culture, Critical Theory

>Class struggle = cultural polarization and it’s struggle
>The class identity/consciousness = Identity politics
>Economical equality = Social Justice

>Classical Marxism – Cultural/New Marxism

Now the marxist of course don’t want to admit that their cultural activities push for cultural war, yet they openly do this. We don’t need to prove their motivation and a political conspiracy, we just need to show a a pattern of cultural and social phenomenon and label it cultural marxism.

Cultural marxism has zero to do with conspiracy. It’s not a plot, it’s a phenomenon.



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