Political Correctness Exposed – Marxism Communism The Frankfurt School

Billy Whittle completely BTFO’s marxism, and the offspring called cultural marxism which has spawned the cancer killing the west called political correctness. This video might be one of the most important videos for┬áthe average, uninformed person to view, in my opinion at least. Our continuous struggle against the cancer called marxism, communism, cultural marxism and political correctness, must come to an end soon or we are simply done for.

For the past 100 years, we have spilled the blood of 100 million people due to the cancerous marxistic thought. It has spawned some of the most vile dictators which have gone on a murderous rampage, all due to this manipulation of thought.

We are one day away from the year 2015, yet this ideology is still gaining support due to the infiltration by the marxist-enablers and marxist-zombies into the positions of power within our civilizations. We have to face the simple fact that sane people should not ignore this any longer. The ideology won’t disappear on its own at all. It continues to exist and undermine the destiny of man, which is so much more and so much greater than what the current nightmare we live in today has spawned.

Lets just face it, the end-goal of marxism is complete control of the narrative of information in order to establish a Babylon-like world, in which a few dictators completely enslave us AND control us. I believe this is what the real New World Order is all about. The establishment of this NWO completely depends on the succes of this ideology.